Windows Update and Security Settings in Windows 10

Windows 10 brought up some astonishing changes along with its update. The user interface got changed and a lot of features have been moved to different locations. One such option is of “Windows Updates”. You might have looked for the updates from Control Panel. Unfortunately, the option is no longer available for access from Control Panel.

In this post, we will have a look at “Windows Updates and Security Settings” of Windows 10. Also, I’ll let you know how you can tweak these settings make your experience better than before :”)

Windows Updates in Windows 10

For accessing the Windows Update and Security settings, navigate to the Search Bar from the bottom left corner of your desktop screen. Type in “Settings” and click on the Settings option from search results. This will redirect you to the Windows 10 Settings App. Now click on “Update and Security” and you will see the window as shown below:

Windows update

This new Window will provide you the info and details regarding the updates. If your system is not up-to-date, you will see updates to be downloaded. Also, you can check for the updates manually by clicking on the option of “Check for Updates”.

The system will now start checking for the updates available for your system. If you are connected to an active Internet connection, it will download them automatically. You also have the options to schedule the updates and “Restart” process. The restart process is to install the downloaded updates.

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In case you want to know how updates are installed on your system, scroll down on the same window. Now navigate to Advanced Options.

advanced settings windows update

Note: For Windows 10 Home users, you will only get two features under the drop-down menu of “Advanced Options”:

  • Automatic (Recommended)
  • Notify to Schedule Restart.

Though you can choose how to install updates, in reality, you don’t have any option. Microsoft recommends you to keep the updates on “Automatic”. However, if you are an Enterprise user, you have a choice. With the enterprise version, you have the option to choose when to download and install the updates.

Another option in the drop-down menu is that of Notify to schedule restart. And in the Windows 10 Anniversary edition, you need to use the Quiet Hours option.

If you select for Automatic Updates, the system will automatically check for updates, download and install them without prior permission. Your system will restart when you are not using it for some work. Here, the updates won’t be downloaded with the metered connection.

If you go with the other option, you have the privilege to schedule installing your updates. You can provide a specific time for “Restarting the System”.

Under the options of “Advanced Options,” you log in automatically after Windows updates. This can be down by enabling the “Use my sign in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update”.

How are updates provided in Windows 10?

Windows updates work kind of differently in Windows 10. Microsoft uses two different methods to provide updates to users:

  1. Regular updates to normal users
  2. Periodic updates to users operating mission-critical operations.

The users will be provided with the features and other updates as soon as they are available for update. Businesses have the ability to lock the mission-critical operations in order to receive only security and important updates for the system.

What else is there with Updates Settings?

-> Updates for other Microsoft Products

On the same window, you will find an option of “Give me updates for other Microsoft Products when I update Windows. I would recommend you to check the box for this option. In this way, you won’t be facing delayed updates for other Microsoft products.


-> Update History

Another option available in this menu is of “View your update History”. Clicking on this option will let you know about the updates installed on your system. You can navigate to “Choose how you download updates” to check out more advanced settings and other preferences.


Apart from these options, the Windows Update menu provides you with the adjustments for Activation, Backup, Recovery and Developer options as well. Let us have a look at each of them one by one :”)

#1 Windows 10 Activation

From here, you will be able to get the info about your Windows version and product key. You can also change the product key, in case you want to.


#2 Backup

You can add an external device and backup all your files and folders. Though you might have created the backups in previous versions of Windows, the Windows 10 has the option to restore the backup as well. You can restore this backup whenever you want using the Control Panel.

backup windows 10

#3 Recovery

For instance, you didn’t like the recent update version of Windows. You have the option to go back to the previous build from here. This is done by using the system image file or any removable device. The recovery option also offers you to “Reset your PC” completely where you can reinstall Windows in your PC. This will keep all your files safe and you can still reinstall the complete build of Windows 10.


#4 Windows Defender

As the name suggests, this menu will provide you options to adjust the settings of Windows Defender. You can turn on the cloud protection, real-time protection, and sample submission. If you scroll down in this menu, you will see the option of “Use Windows Defender” to check if your PC is protected.

windows defender

#5 For Developers

This section is only for the developers. I would recommend the casual users not to use this menu until you have proper info. This menu is linked directly to the official website of Microsoft. Here, you can enable your device for development and sideload some apps too.


Final Verdict

Windows updates are pretty great for making the system work smoothly. These updates make sure that you receive proper security and the latest features as soon as possible. Do let us know how frequently you update your Windows systems.

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