Windows allows various installation tools. One such tool is Windows 10 Installation Media Tool. Along with making the download of Windows 10 ISO file, Microsoft has also made available Windows 10 Installation Media Tool. This is a Microsoft provided Media Creation Tool. It aims to help you download Windows 10. It provides the best download experience for customers running the versions like Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Windows 10 Installation Media Tool

This is one media tool used for Installation purpose.

You can download the Windows 10 Installation Media Tool, by visiting Microsoft. Visit and scroll down till you reach the two purple Download Tool Now buttons.

Generally you require a product key to download the Windows 10 ISO. The Windows Media Creation Tool will allow you to directly download the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft, even without having a product key. Using it, you can clean or install or Upgrade to Windows 10 in a matter of seconds. It can be used to download various different editions of Windows 10 including Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Home N, Windows 10 Home Single Language, Windows 10 Pro and Windows Pro N.

The tool helps to optimize file formats for swifter downloads. It provides built-in media creation options for USB & DVDs, and allows an optional conversion to ISO file format. The tool comes in two versions – a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version. You can download the appropriate version of the tool that suits your requirement and run it.

When you run the tool, it creates two directories on your system partition named $WINDOWS. ~BT and $WINDOWS. ~WS which store the downloaded setup and installation files and an added option to resume the creation process if it fails.

When you click on run and the tool starts running, you will see the following screen asking you if you want to Upgrade this PC now or Create installation media for another PC.

windows 10 installation media

  • If you click on Create installation media for another PC, you will see a screen asking you to choose the media to use. You may use a USB Flash Drive which is at least 3 GB, or you can create an ISO file, which you can burn to a DVD later if you wish. Here, we’ve chosen to create an ISO file.

windows 10 installation media

  • In any case, once you click on Next, the downloading of Windows 10 will start.

windows 10 installation media

  • The tool will then soon automatically start creating Windows 10 media.

windows 10 installation media

  • Once the ISO file is ready, you will see two options. One is to open the location where the ISO file has been saved and the other to Open a DVD Burner software to burn the ISO to disc.

windows 10 installation media

  • I chose to open the ISO folder and run the setup file inside it to perform an in-place upgrade of my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.
  • Select Upgrade This PC and click on Next, you will see the following screen.
  • In this article, we’ve gained some insights about windows 10 media creation tool using the windows 10 update assistant. The media creation tool windows 10 is a useful tool provided by Microsoft. We can easily use the windows 10 creation tool to our advantage.

windows 10 installation media

  • Select your Language, architecture, and edition and click Next. The upgrade process will begin directly.