Where to look for the history of your Windows updates

You might have installed updates to your Windows. Or the windows have automatically installed the updates on your computer? Do you want to see which updates have been installed? I got a solution for you. Now you can simply see which update has been installed on your computer. To do so, Follow the steps mentioned below:

Windows 10 Update history

If you like to see the update history for your windows, just go to start menu first. Then navigate to settings and then Update & Settings. Now you will find an option termed as Windows Update.

Now you will see the Update History button on the right side. Click on that link.


Now you will see the updates installed on your computer previously. The one which has been successfully installed will be termed as the same. You might see Failed to Install on some of them, that means they could not be installed on your computer for whatever reasons.


Now You have to click on the Successfully Installed updates which will tell you about the update changelog. You will be greeted with the option to know more about in the same.

You can also view the update history from Control Panel. To do so, simply head over to Start menu and find Control panel option present there. Now navigate to Programs & Features button. Then click on Installed Updates.


This will give you some more details about the update.

Windows 10 Update History site

Yeah, you can also access the information from the website as well. Microsoft allows you to take a look at the update history through the official website as well. To do so, go to the official website of Microsoft at microsoft.com. From there, you can navigate to Windows updates and history.


Make sure you are logged in to the same account as of the computer. Now on the web page, you can see details about the windows update installed on your computer. It will also show you the changelog which means those all features which are installed within the update.

You can also see for the updates of Windows 10 Mobile on the website itself. This website will tell you all the updates installed on the device logged in with the same account.

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