Virtual Credit Cards: What are they and How to get them?

Addicted to online shopping and digital media platforms? Today is the day of online shopping and online TV shows, Web Series, etc. The services like any time available content and doorstep deliveries have grown these services up to a greater extent where you can get instant virtual credit card. All of this is available right from your smartphone or PC with one tap and apply for instant virtual credit card.

However, along with this comfort lies a troublesome: “Security”. Online shopping and digital media services have attracted the criminals who make these platforms unsecured for common people like us. You might be wondering what someone is going to do with your orders or watch history with so many available options . But this is not the case of any history or the items you have purchased.

The main concern is about the personal details entered by you: Credit Cards and Debit Cards. The need to enter details of your card along with the CVC or CVV puts you in danger up to an extent. And what attracts these criminals more is the sturdy limit of credit cards. A simple leaked or cracked info and boom! Your card details are at risk now.

So what should you do to protect your card details and maintain privacy? Are there any ways with which you can use credit cards securely without being misused? Well, the answer is “Yes”. This can be possible via “Virtual Credit Cards”.

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

Basically, the Virtual Credit Cards are the ones issued online that can’t be carried physically. They don’t have any kind of credit limits. Thus, ensuring that there are no possibilities of credit card details been compromised.

international VCC Providers, Usage, Validity

As their name suggests, you can’t carry VCCs physically. They don’t have any shitty plastic designs or presence at all. They are purely virtual and that’s how they protect your privacy.

In other words, VCCs are the randomly generated card numbers meant for replacing the traditional credit card information. These cards are ideal for online usage. So, even if your details are leaked, the hacker won’t be able to use them beyond the loaded balance.

VCCs are the online services linked to the Net banking accounts of the cardholder. You can log in to the online portal, generate the card for the needed amount and pay with ease. It is basically an extended version of the traditional Credit Cards with an overcoating or “Privacy Protection”. If you ask me, Virtual Credit Cards are one of the safest modes to pay online with many banks like icici instant virtual credit card generator online.

Although it has been named as Virtual Credit Card, there’s no option to credit. It is, in fact, a prepaid card or in other words, a “Debit Card”. You have rights to decide the everyday credit limits. All the info regarding the card such as Card number, Expiry date, Valid from date and CVV are present completely online.

Now let us have a look at how you can generate a Virtual Credit Card with ease.

How to get a Virtual Credit Card?

A VCC is pretty easy to use just like the traditional credit cards. Even the online payments for purchases using VCCs are pretty simple. Here are the things you need to do:

  1. Firstly, you need to create a card from some provider. There are a lot of VCC providers out there. For generating a card, you need to provide the card details to your bank (this is the bank you are using for net banking).
  2. Now the bank will provide you with a 16 digits number, i.e. your Virtual Credit card number.
  3. Now enter the card details that have been generated.
  4. Add the amount to this card as per your needs. You can add money with ease to this account. The requested amount will be credited from your account. Simple, isn’t it?

Now you do not have to worry about filling up the details while online purchases such as expiry date, CVV, etc. as you are asked to do with the physical credit card with hdfc instant virtual credit card. That’s the reason why VCCs are more preferred in the modern world as compared to the traditional credit cards.

-> Validity

Generally, these Virtual Credit Cards are valid only for 24 to 48 hours. But there are some banks like ICICI bank, who provide with a little longer expiration date. Customers are not allowed to make more than one payment using this Virtual Credit Card.

-> Usage

As a customer, you have full power to use either the full amount of the credit card or a small part of it. The amount left in your account will be transferred back to your bank account. The amazing thing is that all these transactions are done free of cost :”)

Now I think your brain has been filled up with all the required knowledge of VCCs. Let us now have a look at some of the best Virtual Credit Card providers out there.

Best Trusted Virtual Credit Card Providers

In today’s market there are a lot of Virtual Credit Card providers in the market. But I would recommend you to get the cars only from trusted brands. The most popular VCC providers across the globe are Citi and Bank of America. Let us have a look at some of the best services that you should definitely get

international VCC Providers

#1 Bank of America

The Bank of America offers the VCCs to the users who frequently shop online as a service for MasterCard and Visa cardholders only. By default, the bank generates a 16 digit VCC number for online purchases. You are given the option to set the expiry date of the card. The maximum you can set is 1 year. Also, they provide you with a temporary expiry date for the card number and the security code as well.


international VCC Providers, Usage, Validity

#2 Citi

Citi bank offers the Virtual Credit Cards to the users who have Citi Preferred and Thank You card. The way these cards are provided by Citi and Bank of America are different. The card number generated by the bank can only be used with a single merchant. So in case if a hacker tries to steal something from your card number, he won’t succeed. You can ask Citi to provide you with extra card numbers for different merchants.

Before you can get a number, you need to check if you are eligible or not. Once you are eligible, you get different VCC numbers from Citi :”)

#3 Entro Pay

Entro Pay is one of the most used VCC services for international payments as of now. The card generation process with Entro Pay is quite simple and quick. You can get your card ready in just five minutes. Navigate to their website and click “Get Started”. Now enter the required details and click on “Create Entro Pay Card”. Now select the currency of your country and the amount you want to load in the card.


While you load the amount you have to pay charges, 4.95% of the total amount. As soon as you complete this process, your card will be provided to you. Though the transaction charges are a bit higher than usual, this is one of the most secured services out there. Also, they accept almost all cards available out there. There are three levels to choose from: Starter pack, Basic pack and the Premium pack with limits of transaction amounts.

#4 Final

Final is another great Virtual Credit Card provider. They offer you with auto-disposable credit card numbers. These types of VCCs can be used only once. After their use, the numbers are automatically disposed of. While in another service provided by Final, you can use a card with a single merchant for multiple transactions.

Final is longer accepting new applicants. The users who already own a VCC from Final can get the info regarding their cards on or by the mail support.

Indian VCC Providers


If you want to issue a VCC from the SBI VCC services, log in to your net banking account of SBI. From there, you can generate free Virtual Credit cards for the range of 100/- to 50,000/-. These cards are valid for a single transaction with a maximum limit of up to 48 hours. They can be used for domestic transactions only. For registering the bank sends a text message to your registered phone number for approving the transaction.

As soon as you log in to your Net banking account of SBI, click on the e-card tab. Now choose the option of VCC of SBI. Before you get a VCC from SBI, make sure to thoroughly read all the terms and conditions. After that, if you are satisfied, click on “Ok”. Now get your details verified using the OTP sent to your registered phone number. After verification, you will get a VCC number with details from SBI.

#2 HDFC NetSafe VCC

The VCC numbers from HDFC NetSafe VCC are generated using your physical debit or credit cards. The validity of these cards is just 48 hours. From a single debit card, you can generate up to 5 VCCs on a daily basis. These cards are usable on the sites that accept Visa card or Master card for payments. Thus, it can provide you with easy and secure payments.

#3 Kotak Mahindra Bank Netcard

The VCCs from Kota is one of the most popular Virtual Credit Cards across India. They can be used domestically and internationally, both. This card is valid for a single transaction only and gets expired in 48 hours. You can avail the facility of using VCCs only when you have a savings or current account along with activated net banking of Kotak Mahindra Bank.

The process to generate a VCC number from Kotak Mahindra is pretty simple. Navigate to the site of Kotak Mahindra and Log in to your net banking account. Now select the option of NetCard. An OTP will be texted to the registered phone number. Verify the details using that and proceed. Enter the amount you need to add to the card and click on “Ok”. Voila! You have successfully created a VCC of Kotak Mahindra Bank.

#4 Lime Wallets of Axis Bank

The users of Master cards from Axis bank can avail the Virtual Credit cards from Axis Bank. Unfortunately, these cards can only be used to do domestic transactions. They offer you an option to connect these VCCs to your physical debit cards to offer you amazing experience while shopping at offline shops.

To get started with the Lime Wallets of Axis Bank, download the Lime Wallet app from Play Store or App Store. Now enter your details to open up an account. Now you can create a Virtual Credit Card with ease and use it accordingly.

#5 Pockets Wallet of ICICI

These cards can be issued and used by anyone, even if he/she isn’t a customer of ICICI. They also provide you with an option to get your VCC linked with the physical cards. This will make sure that you can do your offline transactions with ease. Though, you need to pay an extra annual fee for linking. Apart from this, you get great shopping offer after a short period of time.

You even have the option to transfer the amounts credited to the VCC to other bank accounts using NEFT. Some of the rumors suggest that ICICI is going to add deposit machines for Virtual Credit cards at their branches pretty soon.

For creating a VCC from ICICI, download the Pockets app from Play Store or App Store on your smartphone. Now click on Sign up and enter the details and boom. You will get a VCC from ICICI Pockets Wallets.

Final Verdict

I would recommend you to use Virtual Credit Card only if you want to protect your traditional Credit Card limits from criminals. At times, even the VCCs can be hacked and misused as well. Fortunately, the loss faced by the user is much smaller as compared to the traditional credit cards. Hence, you should always consider reading the terms and conditions before buying a Virtual Credit Card and get instant virtual credit card online.

Feel free to drop your suggestions and questions regarding the VCCs in the comment box below. We will try to respond you as soon as possible. And for more awesome content like this, keep following [site name] on all our social media platforms.