How to use Whatsapp Web on PC

What is WhatsApp web?

If you are using a smartphone, there is an application that would be surely installed in your device that is WhatsApp and now can be used on web. Unarguably it is the most popular application and also best messaging client across the globe. WhatsApp web is available for all smartphones that is Android, iOS, & Windows(mobile).

But now, you can use WhatsApp on PC as well. Recently, the company of this application has launched feature which allows you to run WhatsApp on browser. It is termed as WhatsApp Web. This service is available throughout the operating systems except for iOS (on the web). This tutorial will go through how Whatsapp works in overall.QR Code of Whatsapp website and whatsapp on pc

WhatsApp web for windows and mac

WhatsApp is basically an WhatsApp  Alternative to your WhatsApp application. The main purpose of this could be to allow the user to use this application in a better user interface than their mobile phones. This would grant users a better clarity of the content, media or other things which could be shared through Whatsapp.

Also, the design and build of this application are amazing. You could share the media off your computer through WhatsApp website after granting proper permissions. PC keyboard would surely provide an easy and quick way to type and hence allow faster delivery of messages which could otherwise consume more time while using a smartphone.

To run WhatsApp app, you require an active internet connection on both that is phone and PC in order to allow your PC to sync with the device. It syncs the messages, media, contacts and various other stuff between your PC and smartphone.

Sample Page of Whatsapp Web

System requirements to run Whatsapp on PC

A web browser is a must requirement in order to visit the below steps. But the browser should preferably be Google Chrome in order to allow smooth functioning of whatsapp on pc. The browser then acts as a mirror to your smartphone to allow you to use WhatsApp Web and then you can easily use whatsapp for pc.

Features of Whatsapp on browser

WhatsApp provides various securities to prevent phishing and other types of scams to protect the privacy of users. All the data would be merely stored on your smartphone and not on your computer so as to allow the safe exchange of data. If the PC is not trusted, you could simply log off using your phone later. Also, you could manage the PC systems which are connected to your account, but it is hard to use whatsapp without phone. It will be more preferable to do it in incognito mode if you do not want to leave traces of your activity on your system.

Although WhatsApp on website maybe best for few users, it also has quite limitations like – an iPhone user cannot avail this facility.

Steps to use WhatsApp web

Step 1: To run WhatsApp web on your PC, you’d need to update your WhatsApp to the latest version.

Step 2: Then you have to connect your PC as well as your smartphone to the internet.

Step 3: In chrome or any browser, click here to open the link.

Step 4: It will show you a QR code.

Step 5: On your mobile, open the menu and click on WhatsApp web.

Step 6: After this, camera will start in order to scan the QR code.

Step 7: After scanning, the web service i.e. WhatsApp web will be synced with the WhatsApp app of your smartphone and allow you to enjoy the facilities of whatsapp on pc.

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WhatsApp Web Successfully Connected

Whatsapp on pc may be a perfect choice for many users who desire to use Whatsapp on mobile without having a risk of data loss or phishing. This will also facilitate a better experience of the user with WhatsApp for web.