Unable to turn on the Windows Defender in Windows 10/8/7

You might want to protect your computer. Want to use the official pre-installed virus protection from Microsoft? Not able to open it or it doesn’t open automatically? I have got a solution for that. Just continue with this and see if the solution works for you to see how to turn on windows defender in windows 10 and how to turn on windows defender windows 7.



In this case, this will automatically turn itself off when it detects any third party antivirus. The windows defender disable windows 10 is designed and developed for such cases that if it detects any other antivirus/protection shield installed on the computer, then it will stop its working. You may see the message in the action center, in the taskbar. This happens because, when there is more than one antivirus installed on the computer, it doesn’t help the computer rather than creating more problems for it.

You might see the freezing of the Windows, Force closing of the apps and other related problems when more than one antivirus is running. This is a general problem seen when you install third-party antivirus while the Windows Defender not doing work is doing its job. This might also affect the firewall of the computer through the Windows Defender download. So, if this is the problem with you, then the solution is very simple. You just have to uninstall that third-party antivirus, then restart your computer. Now, you might see the windows defender on the screen.

Some of you might not know that when you purchase a new laptop/computer, it comes with an antivirus pre-installed on the pc. However, the antivirus is still a trial version but you can use it to set up the computer and purchase another in the time period. But if you use some software which will ask you to uninstall these trial version of antivirus or some will even not inform you about that. So just search for the antivirus in the control panel and see if it is installed or not, then uninstall it. Now follow the steps to enable Windows Defender offline update again:

Go to the desktop and press WIN + Q together on the keyboard to open charm search.

In the search box, type Windows Defender and hit Enter.

Now, click on the settings and click on the checkbox termed as “Turn on real-time protection recommend“.


Boom, you have successfully enabled Windows Defender for the #Case 1, But if it is not the case with you, Continue to the next part.


This might be an abnormal issue which might affect the Windows Defender to not work. If the computer’s date and time are not updated or incorrect, Then Windows Defender might not work for you. Yeah, it might sound weird, but sometimes when the windows time and date are incorrect the software related to security doesn’t work properly. See if the CMOS battery is in good condition or not, because sometimes the battery also doesn’t allow the computer to update time and date. If you are connected to the internet, it should update the time and date. Just check after a restart even you want for how to turn on windows defender windows 8?


Another major problem which might cause issues to the working of how to turn on windows defender for windows 10 in group policy is Windows update. The Windows you are using currently might be outdated. These problems can be caused because of not installing the latest Update to the System. Windows updates are important for the security purposes. So, how to turn on windows defender firewall can be an antivirus software needs the latest update of Windows. Is also called as microsoft antivirus download just the microsoft antivirus name has changed. You can use this microsoft antivirus for windows 7 also and microsoft antivirus update


So If you haven’t installed the latest update, go to settings and then go to Windows Update. Then check for the latest updates by clicking Check Now. For convenience, turn on automatic updates if you are using broadband as your primary Internet connection. This will ensure that updates are done in the free time. Although, if you have installed the windows update just now, just do restart your computer and see if it works. Due to limits microsoft antivirus for windows xp may not be available but in all other os microsoft antivirus download free.

Other Issues

Above mentioned cases are the common issues which happen with all. This is not what happen to your computer or You did not find the solution above, I have got some other solutions as well which would definitely ensure the working of disable windows defender firewall service. If you are running any VPN or any illegal process in the windows, it would definitely not allow the stop windows defender firewall service to work, so just close the process from the Task Manager with turn off windows defender firewall with advanced security. If you are on a proxy server, it will not allow the windows defender to update, to help with that follow the steps:

Press WIN + X and open Command Prompt as Administrator.



Now Restart your computer and see if the Windows Defender now works for you.

These are the solution if the Windows Defender is not working for you. If still, you are having any problem opening the Windows Defender windows 7, you might have to see the package itself or install the latest update for Windows Defender from the Microsoft’s Official website.

Over to You

This is it from my side. These were the solution if you are having a problem opening the Windows Defender update, follow the above-mentioned steps carefully and see if everything works for you. Make sure to share it with your friends on all Social media platforms. If I missed anything, let me know through the comment section down below. If you have any query/feedback/suggestions for the website, please share with us through the comments. Follow us on all social media platforms as well.