Google chrome is the most preferred browser when it comes to convenience. One such feature offered by the browser is that of enabling Google chrome notification for desktop for various websites that you visit through the browser. It can be really helpful as it does not let you miss any update from your favorite websites. But, sometimes it can prove to be a complete nuisance when it comes to a website you just visited and do not intend to receive any notifications from. This arises the need for you to learn to block notifications in chrome or to disable chrome notifications. And this article explains you exactly what you need to learn. So, go through the entire article in order to bag quick trick on how to turn notification off in Chrome.

When you visit some websites, you may see such a notification in your browser windows.

turn off chrome notifications

If you do not want to see notifications from this site, you must select Block.

But if you clicked on Allow, then the next time you visit the site, you may see such a notification:

turn off chrome notifications

Now what you can do is to manage the notifications and its exceptions, or completely turn them off.

Manage or Turn off Chrome desktop push notifications

Open your Chrome browser and copy paste the following in the address bar and hit Enter to open the following setting:


Here you can select the URL and select Allow or Block from the available options.

To go to the settings via the UI and to disable chrome notifications, go to “Settings” of Chrome browser by clicking on 3 vertical dots menu button.

It shows all the available Settings. Scroll down to find  Advanced settings and click on it.

Under “Privacy and Security” section click on “Content settings” button.

turn off chrome notifications

The “Content settings” box opens up. Scroll down till you find “Notifications”. Click on it.

turn off chrome notifications

The Notifications settings will open up. You will see the default setting Ask before sending. Toggle the slider to select Blocked.

turn off chrome notifications

You can also manage Notifications for individual sites.

You can also manually add URLs. One done, click on the Done button and exit.

Of course, if you’re browsing in Incognito Mode, you will never see these notifications, in any case.


If you are a Google chrome user, this post is definitely very useful to you if you want to get rid of the push notifications and disable chrome notifications. This article is an insightful step-by-step tutorial about how to block notifications in chrome. After reading this article, you’d for sure know how to disable chrome notifications. Hope this helps.