Windows 10 is the last operating system from Microsoft with. And according to the company they are going to make the OS better by bringing up new updates. Also, there are quite a lot of people who are using in windows 10 tips and tricks. In case if you too using the OS. Then let me just talk about some of the microsoft windows 10 tips and tricks.

So you can be a PC ninja and perform your tasks with ease. Sounds interesting? So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Top Windows 10 tips and tricks

1. Make Windows 10 Truly Yours

There is one special feature in Windows 10 that allows you to make your computer work the way you want it to work. Apart from the control panel, it also comes with easy to use PC settings. From here, you will be able to change the setting related to Windows Updates, Networks, Apps and so on.

As well as it allows you to manage your system change Network and Internet Settings, change Windows 10 Privacy settings, manage your Devices, Personalize your PC, manage your User Accounts, set your Time & language and everything else pretty easily and there are more top 20 windows 10 tips and tricks.

2. Open individual settings using Desktop shortcuts

Another cool feature of Windows 10 is that you can open individual settings using best windows 10 tips and tricks. To access these settings you have to type down the shortcut URL in your browser and hit the enter button. Also, for shortcuts you can check this chart where you can also make in sticky notes windows 10 tips and tricks:

Category Settings page URI
Accounts Access work or school ms-settings:workplace
Email & app accounts ms-settings:emailandaccounts
Family & other people ms-settings:otherusers
options ms-settings:signinoptions
Sync your settings ms-settings:sync
Your info ms-settings:yourinfo
Apps Apps & Features ms-settings:appsfeatures
Apps for websites ms-settings:appsforwebsites
Default apps ms-settings:defaultapps
Apps & features ms-settings:optionalfeatures
Cortana Talk to Cortana ms-settings:cortana-language
More details ms-settings:cortana-moredetails
Notifications ms-settings:cortana-notifications
Devices USB ms-settings:usb
Audio and speech ms-settings:holographic-audio
AutoPlay ms-settings:autoplay
Touchpad ms-settings:devices-touchpad
Pen & Windows Ink ms-settings:pen
Printers & scanners ms-settings:printers
Typing ms-settings:typing
Wheel ms-settings:wheel
Default camera ms-settings:camera
Bluetooth ms-settings:bluetooth
Connected Devices ms-settings:connecteddevices
Mouse & touchpad ms-settings:mousetouchpad
Ease of Access Narrator ms-settings:easeofaccess-narrator
Magnifier ms-settings:easeofaccess-magnifier
High contrast ms-settings:easeofaccess-highcontrast
Closed captions ms-settings:easeofaccess-closedcaptioning
Keyboard ms-settings:easeofaccess-keyboard
Mouse ms-settings:easeofaccess-mouse
Other options ms-settings:easeofaccess-otheroptions
Extras Extras ms-settings:extras
Gaming Broadcasting ms-settings:gaming-broadcasting
Game bar ms-settings:gaming-gamebar
Game DVR ms-settings:gaming-gamedvr
Game Mode ms-settings:gaming-gamemode
TruePlay ms-settings:gaming-trueplay
Xbox Networking ms-settings:gaming-xboxnetworking
Home page Landing page for Settings ms-settings:
Network & internet Ethernet ms-settings:network-ethernet
VPN ms-settings:network-vpn
Dial-up ms-settings:network-dialup
DirectAccess ms-settings:network-directaccess
Wi-Fi Calling ms-settings:network-wificalling
Data usage ms-settings:datausage
Cellular & SIM ms-settings:network-cellular
Mobile hotspot ms-settings:network-mobilehotspot
Proxy ms-settings:network-proxy
Status ms-settings:network-status
Manage known networks ms-settings:network-wifisettings
Network & wireless NFC ms-settings:nfctransactions
Wi-Fi ms-settings:network-wifi
Airplane mode ms-settings:network-airplanemode
Personalization Start ms-settings:personalization-start
Themes ms-settings:themes
Glance ms-settings:personalization-glance
Navigation bar ms-settings:personalization-navbar
Personalization (category) ms-settings:personalization
Background ms-settings:personalization-background
Colors ms-settings:personalization-colors
Sounds ms-settings:sounds
Lock screen ms-settings:lockscreen
Task Bar ms-settings:taskbar
Privacy App diagnostics ms-settings:privacy-appdiagnostics
Notifications ms-settings:privacy-notifications
Tasks ms-settings:privacy-tasks
General ms-settings:privacy-general
Accessory apps ms-settings:privacy-accessoryapps
Advertising ID ms-settings:privacy-advertisingid
Phone calls ms-settings:privacy-phonecall
Location ms-settings:privacy-location
Camera ms-settings:privacy-webcam
Microphone ms-settings:privacy-microphone
Motion ms-settings:privacy-motion
Speech, inking & typing ms-settings:privacy-speechtyping
Account info ms-settings:privacy-accountinfo
Contacts ms-settings:privacy-contacts
Calendar ms-settings:privacy-calendar
Call history ms-settings:privacy-callhistory
Email ms-settings:privacy-email
Messaging ms-settings:privacy-messaging
Radios ms-settings:privacy-radios
Background Apps ms-settings:privacy-backgroundapps
Other devices ms-settings:privacy-customdevices
Feedback & diagnostics ms-settings:privacy-feedback
Surface Hub Accounts ms-settings:surfacehub-accounts
Team Conferencing ms-settings:surfacehub-calling
Team device management ms-settings:surfacehub-devicemanagenent
Session cleanup ms-settings:surfacehub-sessioncleanup
Welcome screen ms-settings:surfacehub-welcome
System Shared experiences ms-settings:crossdevice
Display ms-settings:display
Multitasking ms-settings:multitasking
Projecting to this PC ms-settings:project
Tablet mode ms-settings:tabletmode
Taskbar ms-settings:taskbar
Phone ms-settings:phone-defaultapps
Display ms-settings:screenrotation
Notifications & actions ms-settings:notifications
Phone ms-settings:phone
Messaging ms-settings:messaging
Battery Saver ms-settings:batterysaver
Battery use ms-settings:batterysaver-usagedetails
Power & sleep ms-settings:powersleep
About ms-settings:about
Storage ms-settings:storagesense
Storage Sense ms-settings:storagepolicies
Default Save Locations ms-settings:savelocations
Encryption ms-settings:deviceencryption
Offline Maps ms-settings:maps
Time and language Date & time ms-settings:dateandtime
Region & language ms-settings:regionlanguage
Speech Language ms-settings:speech
Pinyin keyboard ms-settings:regionlanguage-chsime-pinyin
Wubi input mode ms-settings:regionlanguage-chsime-wubi
Update & security Windows Hello setup ms-settings:signinoptions-launchfaceenrollment


Backup ms-settings:backup
Find My Device ms-settings:findmydevice
Windows Insider Program ms-settings:windowsinsider
Windows Update ms-settings:windowsupdate
Windows Update ms-settings:windowsupdate-history
Windows Update ms-settings:windowsupdate-options
Windows Update ms-settings:windowsupdate-restartoptions
Windows Update ms-settings:windowsupdate-action
Activation ms-settings:activation
Recovery ms-settings:recovery
Troubleshoot ms-settings:troubleshoot
Windows Defender ms-settings:windowsdefender
For developers ms-settings:developers
User Accounts Windows Anywhere ms-settings:windowsanywhere
Provisioning ms-settings:workplace-provisioning
Provisioning ms-settings:provisioning


3. Edge browser tips and tricks

You probably have seen that Microsoft is promoting Edge browser quite a lot. And the good thing is that it has some outlook windows 10 tips and tricks. The browser is using the EDGEHTML rendering engine, which helps the browser to be a better browser and also on minecraft windows 10 tips and tricks. Along with that, it also comes with some of the cool features. Like you will be able to customize Edge Browser, enable dark mode, set multiple homepages and so on.

4. Internet Explorer

With Windows 10 you might think that Microsoft is moved from Internet Explorer to Microsoft edge. However, it is not true. Internet Explorer is still there. Since there are quite a lot of sectors that use internet explore for their job. And in case if you want to use the browser too, simply search for it these are latest windows 10 tips and tricks.

5. Using Cortana in Windows 10

For the first time in Microsoft OS, Microsoft has introduced a personal assistant who is Cortana. It can help you with local information and help you get rid of typing in Windows 10 taskbar. As it works with your voice with most advanced windows 10 tips and tricks. This is pretty much same as Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri.

6. Booting in Safe Mode

With Windows 10 you cannot get into safe mode by pressing the F8 key during boot. Instead, it has another workaround. To get into safe mode press shift and restart your computer and then go to troubleshoot menu and you will get the option there.

7. Change the look of Windows 10 Start Menu

You can easily change the look of Windows 10 start menu. If you look at the start menu, you will find that it is divided into two parts. One part contains apps and settings another tab lets you pin apps in groups. However, you can change this thing completely.

8. Make Start more private

Another cool feature of the Start menu is that you can make it more private. This means you will be able to hide apps or remove apps from the most used list of apps.

9. Add Blur to Start Menu background

The Windows 10 start menu is transparent. But if you do not like transparency, then you can simply remove it and enable blur in the start menu background with windows 10 tricks.

10. Change Start Menu and Taskbar Color

If you do not like the default color of the start menu and taskbar. Then you can simply change the color of it. There are quite a lot of color options are available. Even you can set a customized color too and windows 10 tips and tricks 2019.

11. Change Taskbar Search default search provider

The windows 10 taskbar cannot only search for local files on your computer. But it can also search on the web. However, the default search engine for this is Bing. But you can change it to any other search engine pretty easily windows 10 tips tricks and hacks. For example, you can change the search engine from Bing to Google.

12. Record screen using the Xbox app

There is also an Xbox app included with the Windows 10. And it has the recording feature. As a result, you will be able to record the screen of the active window. Even using it is pretty easy and windows 10 tips and tricks 2018. All you have to do is launch the Xbox app then press Win+G to open the Game bar and select Screenshot or Start Recording.

13. Install or move Windows 10 Apps to another Drive

If you are running out of disk space on your System drive. Then you can change the install location and move all the Windows 10 apps to another drive.

14. Change default programs

If you do not like the default browser or programs. Then you can easily change them too. Just look into the settings, and you will get all the options so that this will be best tips and tricks windows 10.

15. Change default Credential Provider

One of the best parts of Windows 10 is that it offers you multiple sign in options. This is possible because there is a bunch of Credential Providers is available. And you can easily change the default credential provider.

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16. Using Virtual Desktop Feature

Another cool feature of Windows 10 is that it comes with the Virtual desktop feature. As a result, you will be able to create as many desktops as you want. Plus, you will be able to run a program individually. This means you can run a specific program in a virtual environment. This can be one of the best features for all the programmers out there.

17. Using Windows Hello

Windows Hello is a  new feature which is introduced in the Windows 10. And it helps in increasing the security of the system. It uses fingerprints and Iris scan to let you log in. However, not all of the computers can use this feature. For this, you will need special hardware.

18. CMD Tip

With the Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a new feature for the CMD. Now you will be able to use CTRL+C and CTRL+V keyboard shortcuts. So you can copy or paste content on CMD.

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19. Some Windows 10 Tips:

  • Hold down the shift key while dragging a folder to the recycle bin to delete it instantly.
  • Hold down the Alt key and click on a folder to go to the properties menu.
  • Press F5 to add the date and time to a Notepad file.
  • To create a shortcut quickly, press the Ctrl+Shift button then drag and drop the file to a folder icon in the destination.

Final Words:

So those were some of the top Windows 10 tips that you can check out with these tips and tricks windows 10 article. Now go ahead and try these advanced windows 10 tips and tricks out and see how they are working for you. Also, for any questions, feel free to comment below or you can take official support of Microsoft here.

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