Sophos Home Antivirus For Windows Home Users

Basic security and protection are extremely important for personal devices, and no one can deny it. However, most of us often rely on free or paid antivirus tools that have designed to offer some basic protection against threats.

But what if you can get business great security from an antivirus which is designed to be used on a persona and home device? Well, this is where the Sophos comes into play. It is well known in the cybersecurity space and brings, and it is offering you enterprise grade features. And in this article, I am going to share a review of Sophos only. So here we go:

Sophos Home Premium Review

Sophos is a premium antivirus software program that comes in both free and premium services. The free version offers you some of the basic features. Along with that, it comes with a 30days trail for other features. As a result, you get to enjoy the premium features for the first 30 days.

sophos home review

Also, according to the company, Sophos offers the most real time protection technology that is used by leading banks, government organizations, and businesses. And you can get the same protection on your personal devices.

Also, Sophos Home is a complete suite and offers you virus protection, web filtering, ransomware protection, computer reclamation, and a lot of other security features. And I am going to talk about some of the top features as you read on.

Sophos Remote Management System

Unlike other antivirus tools, Sophos does not come with a configuration panel or setting. Instead, you can control your antivirus settings from a cloud based dashboard. This does not only allow you to control your antivirus program remotely from anywhere. But it also allows you to manage more than once device at a time. To login to your dashboard, you will have to visit the Sophos website or click on the Manage My Security option from the Sophos Home window. Form this dashboard. You will be able to view the status of your device, initiate new scans, and change antivirus configuration.

Sophos Real Time Protection

sophos home review

The antivirus also offers you real time protection. It comes with a real time engine that constantly scans your computer for any kind of threat. Also, it is fully capable of removing any kind of virus or ransomware from your computer. Also, any blocked activity or deleted files will show up in the history, and the program will also alert you about it. Plus, the real-time protection and other related features can be disabled, but I would recommend you not to do so.

Apart from real-time protection, Sophos home provides you real-time malicious traffic detection too. So you can detect any programs connecting to malicious web servers. 

Sophos Ransomware Protection

You will also be getting ransomware protection. Sophos home comes with an inbuilt ransomware protection engine. This guards your computer against any kind of ransomeware threat. Along with that, it can also detect any activity being carried out by ransomware. And it can also help you to decrypt any affected files. This feature became quite important after recent ransomware attacks and vulnerabilities exposed. Furthermore, it can also protect you from the MBR or Master Boot Record. So that the ransomware cannot destroy your computer’s storage configuration.

Sophos Web Protection

Next, you will be getting web protection from this tool. As a majority of this virus comes from the internet, hence web protection is important. And Sophos comes with all the necessary features that an internet user requires in order to stay protected from the viruses coming from the internet.

This tool can automatically block websites that have been reported as unsafe or contain any malware. The Download Reputation feature uses a reputational scoring model to rate your downloads. And decides if they are safe for your computer or not.

Also, in case if you are a net banking user, then you can completely rely on Sophos. As it provides you safe and secure browsing experience. This antivirus program blocks all sorts of keyloggers so that your sensitive information is always safe and secure. Moreover, it can warn you if your web browser has been compromised so that you can avoid entering any sensitive information.

In addition to that, you should know that most of the web protection features are based on the relative scores and feedback collected from the users. So it can happen that the website you are trying to visit is blocked by the too. But you can easily add those sites names in the exceptions list. So the antivirus program will not block the website again. 

Sophos Web Filtering

If you are a parent, who wants his or her kids to be safe from the sensitive content on the internet. Then you can easily use Sophos’ home for the job. It comes with the Web Filtering Settings, where you will find quite a lot of categories that can be blocked.

Also, there are mainly three levels of filtering available. You can allow or block a website. Or you can simply warn the user that he/she is trying to access some restricted content. By using web filtering, you can easily block social networks, chat platforms, news, and general interest blogs, dating websites, adult content, hacking, drugs, violence, and related websites on your child’s computer. Also, you will be able to add exceptions for websites that you wish to allow.

Sophos Privacy

In the end, it offers you privacy. As of now, this section has only one feature, which is webcam protection. If any application tries to use the webcam without your constant, then the Sophos home will show you a notification about it. By enabling this feature, you will be able to stop applications from using your webcam without your constant.

Buy Sophos Home

Sophos home comes with a free variant that offers you real time protection, web filtering, web protection, and remote management. However, most of the advanced featured are included in the premium plan. The premium plan includes features like privacy protection, safe internet banking, and so on.

Also, you will be able to manage up to 3 devices in a single free account and up to 10 devices with a paid account. However, I would advise you to get the premium version, as it is offering you quite a lot of features.

Final Words:

So that was all for the Sophos home review. Now go ahead and check this antivirus out and see how it is working for you. Also, for any questions, do feel free to comment below, and I will surely help you out.