Solution for External Hard Disk Drive not showing or not detected in Windows

You might have tried to use the external hard disk drive to copy or backup your data from pc to hard disk or vice-versa. At some point of time, you might get some errors or might even not able to see the hard disk drive in files. It might be the pc which fails to detect the external hard disk drive. Even though you have carefully plugged in the hard disk but the pc can still show this problem.

You might end up spending hours but could not find a solution. Here I am with the solution you are looking for. Try these steps mentioned below to find the solution for External Hard Drive not being detected.

Apparently, you should check the ports as well. To do so, Change the port you have external hard disk plugged in. If the newer one works, It’s probably the fault of the previous port. If it doesn’t continue, there are other solutions as well.

Run The Troubleshooter

The first thing you need to do is to run the troubleshooter. The machine will automatically detect where the actual problem is. If it is with the connection with ports or any internal problem, System will tell you everything. To start the Windows Troubleshooter, go to settings or Windows Center, and there you will find the troubleshooter.

Update the Drivers

You might have older drivers installed on your pc. This can also cause problems like not detecting the external drive. You should check for the updates of your drivers. To do this, Open Device Manager by Pressings Win + ‘R’, It will open the Run dialog box. Then enter “devmgmt.msc“. Find the external drive you plugged in. Then right-click on the drive, Click on the “Update Driver Software”. Also, update the drivers for an Unknown device.

If the updating driver doesn’t work, Uninstall and Reinstall the drivers for your drive.

Create a new partition for the external drive

If you are connecting your hard disk for the first time to the machine, it might not detect in this case. Yeah, if you are using it after ages, this error might occur. What Do You need to do? Create a new partition for the external drive in the pc. Although, this thing can also be done through the previous process which we discussed about Device Manager. Follow the steps given below to do so.

Open the disk management tool through the last process. Type “diskmgmt.msc” and then click Enter. If you are able to see the external drive in the tool, Format it properly. This will ensure that you see the hard drive next time on the computer.

If the hard drive is shown as Unallocated space or Un-partitioned space, Format it properly. Then Create a new partition from it, So It will be shown on the computer.

This might have worked for you. In some cases, if this process doesn’t work, Proceed to the next one.

Disable USB Selective Suspend Settings

If you still did not find any solution, Hold On. We have got another solution for you. In this, you need to disable the USB selective suspend settings. To do so, here’s what you need to do:

Head over to Control Panel. Go to power options through Hardware and Sound > Power Options. Click on Additional Power settings. Then, Press “Change Plan Settings” option.

Then Navigate to “Change Advanced power settings”. Then go to USB Settings, there you will find USB Selective Suspend settings. Click on it and click on Disable.


Click on Apply, then exit the dialog box.

This one might have done the solution for you. We have shared all the possible methods to see if the hard disk is visible now to your pc. If it still doesn’t, the problem is with the external hard disk. Go and Check it on another machine to see if the hard disk is working or not. Definitely, the fault would be in the hard disk if you have completed all the above steps carefully and still, the hard disk is not visible.

Over to You

That is, it from my side, I hope you liked it. If I missed anything, Correct me through the comment section. Do share if the above processes worked for you. If You have any queries/feedback/ suggestions, Comment them down below.