Recently Microsoft has released a new anti malware scanner tool named as Msert Microsoft safety scanner download is a free downloadable security tool for the Windows users and it offers on demand scanning and allows us to remove viruses, spyware and other malicious software from our computer.

Is Microsoft safety scanner good?

The Microsoft safety scanner tool expires after 10 days of after installed. And if you want to run a scan again with the latest malware definitions. Then you have to download the software again and run it. However, it is not a small file. But it weighs about 68 MB .exe file.

The main question with it is how long does microsoft safety scanner take? and it is also different from the other software removal tool. Although the purpose behind the software is not to be a replacement of an Antivirus program. But it is meant to be use as an additional on demand scanner tool for your computer which can work along with your existing antivirus software.

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Is microsoft safety scanner safe? So yes and if this tool detects any malware or any errors occurs when the tool is running, it will send a report to Microsoft containing some basic information about the Malware or the error. The report will have different technical information like your MSS version number, file names, cryptographic hash, size, date stamp, and other characteristics of any Malware removed from the computer, the success or failure of Malware removal, model and processor architecture, the computer’s manufacturer and so on.

However, the good part is that you can also stop it from sending a report to Microsoft. You can disable the feature using this following registry key:


Entry name: \DontReportInfectionInformation


Value data: 1

Apart from the this scanner, there is another tool known as Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner. Although, Microsoft discontinued this tool. But it used to perform different tasks like PC clean-up, Tuneup, etc, and replaced it with this new

Microsoft safety scanner download 64 bit. And even you can download the software in today’s time too and use it along with the Microsoft Safety Scanner windows 10 here.
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