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Manage your Passwords and Online Transactions with Dashlane

Baking and managing a strong password could be troublesome. Isn’t it? But not now! We have got the Dashlane password generating and managing tool. You can generate some pretty strong passwords and manage them with ease. Dashlane has free as well as premium features. In this post, we will mainly focus on the free features.

Dashlane Review (Free version)

Dashlane is one of the most popular password generators out there. It can create some pretty strong password based on your preferences. Not only this, you can manage all your credentials with ease with AES-256 encryption.


Once you start using Dashlane, it will automatically transfer all the saved credentials from your browser. Afterward, you can more credentials based on your needs as well. While you add a new username or password, you will be asked to provide some info such as the URL of the login page, etc.

Categorize, Online Transactions

Once you have successfully saved all the credentials, you have the option to set a preference to log in to that website automatically as soon as you load the login page. Interesting, isn’t it?

-> Categorize your Info

Apart from this, you have the option to categorize the saved info. You can easily categorize the credentials under different categories such as email, social media, etc. You can also add or remove categories based on your needs.

To learn more about your saved credentials, you can navigate to Security Dashboard. It will provide you with a brief analysis of your passwords and suggestions for changes, if necessary. If you want to get more details, open up the Detailed Password Analysis. It will provide you each and every bit of info regarding your saved passwords. Also, you can create secure notes. Basically, it’s like a secured password dairy of yours :”)

-> Autofill Feature

Dashlane has a pretty cool feature named as “Autofill feature”. As the name suggests it allows the tool to automatically fill up your credentials. It gets integrated with your web browser and fills up the login forms or any other web-based form.

To enable this feature and make it work flawlessly, you need to provide some of your info. Thus, whenever you try to sign in to any of the websites, the info will be filled automatically. Along with the personal info, you create a hell lot of IDs based on your necessities. No matter if it is your Identity card, Driving License, Passport or any other ID card.

This feature works amazingly fast and flawlessly once enabled perfectly. This will make sure you don’t have to worry about your credentials again and again to fill the forms.

-> Digital Wallet


Worried about your online transactions? Well, you should not be. Dashlane has the secured Digital Wallets feature for you. You can easily add your debit/credit cards, PayPal account’s details and what not. Your future transactions will be done securely. It will automatically fill up the details. Not only this, it will collect a receipt from the website to ensure you with the payment details.


After going through all the features mentioned above, I’m damn sure you are going to try this thing. All these features make it one of the best combos of a password generator and management tools. It collects all your info and details in a secured manner and uses them only when necessary.

Remember one thing that even Dashlane does not have the authority to check your details. Your master-password can’t be decrypted even by Dashlane. It always remains within your mind.

Download Dashlane

Well, now that you have started to like Dashlane, go and download Dashlane as soon as possible. To download Dashlane, click here or on the button below titled as “Dashlane Download” with an alternative link.

If you are using Dashlane on your local PC, it is free to use. If you want to use it on other devices as well, you need to purchase the premium version of Dashlane.

Final Verdict

Well, I’m damn sure that you will use Dashlane at least once. And I can assure that you won’t regret after using it. Do let us know about your experience with Dashlane and other password generators in the comment section below.

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