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Laptop Keyboard Not working on Windows 10

Facing problem with the laptop keyboard? Isn’t it working well? You might have faced this problem many times till now? The trackpad not working itself or external device is having issue in this case but not the keyboard. The problem can be with only the keyboard of your laptop. I will provide you with some easy tips which you may follow to get rid if your keyboard of laptop not working. These tips may work if laptop keyboard not working HP.

Steps to follow on how to fix keyboard:

Step1 : The first thing you need to check if any physical damage done to the keyboard. It might be an issue with the keys which might be broken. If this is the case with you, you will have to go to the service centre to exchange the keyboard panel from the laptop.

Step 2 : If there is nothing like physical damage to your keyboard, then clean the keyboard gently. To do so, Use the cleaning kit for laptop which may have came with the laptop or buy the new one. Or take a brush and clean the keys from all sides. Make sure the brush you are using is dry and clean. Clean all the parts which are accessible to you. Do not push extra efforts that might end up losing the keyboard.

Step 3 : Still not working? Now you need to check if it is a hardware problem or software one or laptop keyboard not working in bios. To do so, Go into BIOS settings and reset bios. For that, restart your computer or see how to reboot laptop or for that you can press the Fn key which does any specific job as shown on the screen or just press Esc or del. If the computer responds to your command, it confirms that the problem is with the software, not the hardware. So head over to the next step for a solution for this.

Step 4 : If the problem is with the software, you need to install drivers for that or use driver updater. To temporarily use the keyboard, just turn on the On-Screen keyboard from the Start menu. Or you can simply plug in an external keyboard if you are not okay with that. To update the drives, Open Device Manager from Win X menu. Now find the option named as Keyboards. Under that, you will find your laptop’s keyboard. Just right-click on the name and then select the option to Uninstall.
If you unable to locate your keyboard or there are many options available, then simply uninstall all of them. It won’t affect you much.

View of Device Manager Windows

Step 5 : Now If You want the computer to automatically install the drives, Just Restart it. See if the drivers are installed automatically, for that you may require an internet connection. But if the drivers are not installed automatically, simply head over to Device Manager again and then select Scan for Hardware Changes, it may install the drivers for you now.

Step 6 : If you have installed any third party software which can affect the working of the keyboard like the ones that come to change the RGB LEDs of the keyboard. Then uninstall all those software and see if it works for you. Or simply head over to settings and search for keyboard settings and reset them to default. This method may also work in some cases.

Step 7 : If your keyboard in working condition but not taking the inputs then, you have to perform a clean boot. Check if it solved the problem. If it solved the problem, then it is probably a problem of any third party software or any change in the settings.

Step 8 : Also, if you have a problem with the response time of your keyboard, which refers to the time difference between entering the key and character being displayed on the screen, then you have to disable the Filter keys which is causing you keyboard lag. What is Filter key feature actually? The filter key option lets the system ignore repeated keystroke to make the typing experience easier. But it may create problems sometimes. To disable Filter keys, head over to Settings and from there, Click on Ease of Access. Select the keyboard option and then find the option there to disable Filter keys.

Laptop Keyboard Change Keyboard Settings

These were the suitable options you can try to solve the problem. If still not found the solution, then download Hardware Diagnostics tool from the internet from their official website which may tell you the actual problem. Still not able to use the keyboard? The last option is to shut down your laptop, get out of your house and Go to the nearest official service center and ask them to repair keyboard key. And all above steps are also applicable if laptop keyboard not working windows 8 and laptop keyboard not working in windows 7.

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