Windows 10 comes with an all new interface. And almost all the features of Windows has a new look. From the start menu to settings, Windows 10 got a complete makeover. Even opening apps are easier now. Simply type down the app name, and you will be able to install it instantly. Even windows 10 calculator also got some amazing features, and in this article, I am going to talk about windows 10 calculator only.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

How To open Windows 10 Calculator ?

One of the easiest ways to launch Calculator in Windows 10 would be to type down the name in the search bar. And open the program from the top results. Also, if you use Calculator quite frequently, then you can pin in the start menu or taskbar. Even, the best part is that the calculator app can be resized to square, horizontal, or vertical shapes.

However, the features are as same as the previous calculators. But the twist is that it has become new windows calculator with various. This includes Standard Calculator, Scientific Calculator, Programmer, and Converter. 

To access these modes, you have to click on the Hamburger menu from the top left corner, and you will get to see the options there.

Also, let me just talk about these modes individually:

Standard Calculator

By using the standard calculator feature, you will be able to perform normal calculations. This includes additions, subtractions, divisions, multiplications, square roots, percentages, and fractions. Another good feature of Windows 10 Calculator is that you will be able to save the calculations and view them in history.

Scientific Calculator

There is also a scientific calculator. This feature is extremely helpful to the students. As they will be able to perform typical mathematical calculations using this feature. For example, you can play around with Trigonometric functions in degrees and radians. As well as it supports other functions like SIN, COS, and TAN, which are an essential part of mathematics.


If you are a programmer, you are going to love this feature. This feature is specially designed for the programmers who work with binary, decimal, octal, and other kinds of calculations which can be used as programming calculator.


In the end, there is the converter in Windows 10 calculator used as conversion calculator. This can help you converting units which include volume, length, weight, and mass as well as a bunch of other things.

Also, there is a cool thing you should know. If you want to use the old look calculator in Windows 10. Then you can download Microsoft Calculator Plus from official store.

The Microsoft Calculator Plus offers you the same features as the Windows 10 calculator. However, the difference is that the look will be changed. So go ahead and try it out and see how it is working for you. The cost of new windows calculator is actually free.

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