Wondering how to convert image to text? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out. There are times when we feel a need for converting an image to text app with the help of Google Drive. So we can edit the texts. Or we can simply copy some texts from the image.

Well no matter what your need is, converting picture to text is not an easy job. But the good part is that there is quite a lot of Optical Character Recognition or OCR software are available out there where google drive ocr online is the best to have your photo to text. But in most of the cases, these kind of software are not free and also it is an image to text art.

You will have to purchase the software in order to start using it. Also, spend your hard earned money to get an OCR job for one time is not a wise idea.

However, the good part is that you will be able to convert images to text for free using Google Drive user. Google Drive provides you the OCR technology, and you can use it to convert image to text easily.

How To Use Google Drive to convert Images to Text

Before you go ahead and start converting your images to text, you should make sure that there are some texts that exist on the image. The OCR Online Google technology can convert it into plain text as it is art like convert images to text art where you can also add text to photo.

Plus, the images can be of any format like png, jpg, or any other one. Even not just images, you will be able to use Google Drive OCR to convert PDF files to text free of cost. However, let’s just go ahead and follow all the steps that we have to follow to convert image into text. So here we go:

  1.     First of all, you will have to visit My Google Drive from your browser or you can Google Drive Download on computer or laptop.
  2.     Then Google Drive Login or Google Drive Sign In to your google account. In case if you do not have a Google account, make sure to create one.
  3.     After that, click on the new button and select the file you would like to convert from Google Drive File Stream.
  4.     Then the file will get uploaded to the google drive.
  5.     Next, select the image that you want to convert.
  6.     Then right click on the file and select Open with >> Google Docs.
  7.     Now a new tab will get opened, and the image will be surrounded with a blue border and corresponding editable text at the bottom.
  8.     You can resize the border based on the content you wish to convert. Just make sure to select the text you wish to convert. Also, you can select options like In line text, Wrap text, and Break text.
  9.     Once you are done selecting all the texts, simply remove the image from the tab and save the remaining texts and close the tab as photo text editor also you can add text to image.
  10.   Then you will see a Google Document with the converted text next to the image file with this picture to text converter.
  11.   Next, simply download the file to your computer and start using it.

Some Points To Note

  •       If your image file has very less text to convert. Then while converting the image, you may find a little number of mistakes in the converted file. Make sure to do all the changes before saving the converted document. Google drive movies is also a good use after paying in google drive pricing.
  • The whole thing is only possible after that you know How to use Google Drive and how to use google drive offline. You can finally google drive convert image to pdf.
  •       If you want to convert only a certain part of an image, then I would suggest you to crop that area at first. And then convert into text. As it reduces mistakes and helps you to get done with the job easily. This is easiest tool also available to know how to use google drive on mac. Best article for google drive convert image to text.
  •       Images that you want to upload must be 2MB or less than that in size so that you can use this image to text converter and add text to photo with this photo text editor.
  •       If you are going to convert a PDF file, then the first 10 pages of the PDF file will only get converted to text. So if you have more than 10 files to convert, then you can use some other tool. Or you can convert 10 pages at a time with pdf ocr tool and add text to image.
  • This is best picture to text generator as it is having pdf ocr tool which works as free online ocr. It can extract text from image with convert picture to text is known also as jpg to text.
  • Add text to photo or text over image with Google drive ocr software. OCR full form is Optical Character Recognition which has work of convert images to text.
  • The other most used functions of Google drive is convert pdf to word, convert pdf to text, convert pdf to images or convert cm to inches.

Final Words:

 So that was all for how to convert image to text in excel with a best ocr online. There is no doubt that Google drive works extremely great for this job. As well as the service is free to use. So go ahead and try it out and see how it is working for you. Also, for any questions, you can comment below. With this official Google Drive website

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