From one of the most famous smartphone brand, Apple iPad is basically an interesting tablet. It is a sleek looking device that proves to be pretty handy at times. From sharing pictures, videos and links to interacting with your loved ones on a large touch-screen device will surely enhance your smartphone experience.

Capturing some enlarged images in PNG format of what’s on your screen could sound familiar. Although it might not be the most eye-catchy feature of a device it could be one of the most useful at times :”)

ipad screenshot shortcut

Why do you want a Screenshot?

For instance, you have a save a document or save some chats. Instead of copying them and then pasting them somewhere, what else can you do? Of course, you would love to screenshot them in an image. This is the handiest use of screenshots when taken on a large-sized display.

Not only this, screenshots can be useful for other tasks as well. Say that you scored your best till date in Subway Surfers or any other such game but unfortunately your data is turned off. What would you do in such a situation? Well, you will go with an enlarged PNG image known as a “Screenshot”.

Don’t tell me that image shreds of evidence don’t last long. They could be the best way to deal with some argument or anything like that :”)

Well, whatever the reason might be for taking a screenshot, the process is pretty simple. You can capture and share a screenshot in 5 easy steps 😉

How to take a Screenshot on an iPad?

Capture Screenshot using Wake/Sleep buttons

This is the most common way to take a screenshot on an iPad. I prefer to use this one as compared to any other way. Follow all the steps mentioned below carefully to avoid any troubles.

ipad screenshot shortcut
Step #1 – Locate the Home button and the Wake/Sleep button. The home button is present on the front panel of your iPad. That’s the one and only button on front panel of an iPad. And the Wake/Sleep button is present on the upper right corner of your device. It is an oval-shaped button that you use to wake up or sleep the device.


Step #2 – Now that you have located the buttons, press them simultaneously. This has to be done while you are currently viewing the screen that is to be the captured in the screenshot.

You will see a blink on your screen if the screenshot is captured is successful. Also, you will hear a fainted shutter sound while the display blinks (we assume that your device isn’t in the silent mode).


Step #3 – Once the screenshot gets captured, it automatically gets saved to your Camera roll in the Photos App. To view the captured screenshots, just normally open up the Photos app. Swipe to the bottom of your screen. Here you can view all how to take screenshots on iPad pro.


Capture the Screenshot on an iPad mini using Assistive Touch

At times taking a screenshot with the help of home and sleep/wake buttons could be irritating. If you are not comfortable with the traditional method of capturing the screenshot on an iPad air, you can try this method. This isn’t tough as well.
Basically, Assistive Touch lets you perform a lot of actions just by tapping on a few menus. This feature may or may not be useful for all tasks. But for taking a screenshot, this could be pretty handy.

Before you can use the Assistive Touch to capture a screenshot, you need to activate the service. Follow the steps mentioned below carefully to complete your tasks without any troubles.

  1. On your iPad, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch.
  2. On top of the displayed menu, make sure that Assistive Touch is enabled.
    In case it is not enabled, enable it and proceed.
  3. Now that the feature of Assistive touch is enabled, you can capture the screenshots with ease.
  4. Tap on the Assistive Touch menu button floating somewhere on your screen.
  5. Navigate to Device > More.
  6. Now tap on “Screenshot”.
  7. You will see a blink on your screen if the screenshot is captured is successful. Also, you will hear a fainted shutter sound while the display blinks (we assume that your device isn’t in the silent mode).
    Just like the previous method, this screenshot will be saved at the same location.

ipad screenshot shortcut

Share your Captured Screenshots

Well, now that you have captured the screenshots, it’s time to share them. The number of reasons for sharing a screenshot with your friend or relative might be different but the procedure is the same. The process to share them directly on social media Facebook or Twitter is pretty easy. Here are the simple steps to do so:
Once the screenshot is captured, tap on the image to enlarge it.
Now on the bottom left corner of the screen tap on the “Share” icon.
Choose the social media via which you want to share the screenshot.
Note: If you choose to share the screenshot via AirDrop, you should be on iOS version 7 or later. To share it, both the WiFi and Bluetooth services need to be active. Without them, you can share it via AirDrop.

Final Verdict

Well, taking a screenshot and pranking your friends sounds pretty crazy. Now that you know how to take a screenshot on iPad, go ahead and make full use of it.
Feel free to drop your suggestions and queries in the comment section below. We will try to respond to you as soon as possible. And for more such content, keep following Windowsbilly 😉