How to solve SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Error on Windows 10/8/7

Ever faced some error in you Windows? Well, if you haven’t faced any error yet, you should be awarded


One of the common errors that users face is the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION stop error or the blue screen error. This error is mostly caused by excessive usage of paged pool. Also it may sometimes occur due to user-mode graphics driver crossing and passing the bad info and data to the kernel codes.


Didn’t found any solutions to this problem yet? Well, don’t worry! We have the got the perfect solution for you regarding this problem. Let us have a look at the solution

  1. Run the Command Prompt and type in the command: chkdsk /f /r on your drive in order to run the Check Disk. If there are any bad sectors on your drive, it will identify it and repair it as soon as possible.
  2. This blue screen could have been caused due to problematic drivers. Check for updates of your AMD and Intel drivers. Also check for the updates of Video or Graphics drivers. If you find any pending updates, download and install theses updates as soon as possible.
  3. At times, a few softwares such as BitDefender, McAfee or Clone Driver cause this problem as well. If you uninstall such faulty software applications, the problem might go away. You can give a try to this solution on your own risk. We recommend you to install or uninstall a program only when you’re aware of the functions performed by that specific program.

Final Verdict

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