iPhones have been a lot popular among smartphone users since their launch. There is a lot you can do with your iPhone. One most common action that proves to be very useful at times is “Taking a Screenshot.”

It gives you an overview of what is being displayed on your screen. This small-sized PNG file can be pretty handy while analysis or anything else.

The captured screenshots can be used in a hell lot of ways. You can share them on email or any social media platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter. Apart from this, screenshots could be pretty handy while asking for assistance from tech support in any case.

They prove to be much better while explaining the issue to tech support.
Well, without wasting your much time on what else can be done with a screenshot, let us move to the main topic: How to Take Screenshot on iPhone (any generation)?

how to screenshot on iphone

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone?

Well, as you know this very well that there is always more than one method to perform any action. And so is the case with the screenshots.

Here we have got the two best ways to capture a screenshot on iPhone. Have a look at them thoroughly and proceed:”)

Capture Screenshot using Physical Buttons

screenshot on iphone

Taking a screenshot using physical buttons is the traditional method. This is pretty easy and handy for regular use. Follow the steps mentioned below carefully to capture a screenshot without any troubles.

Step #1 – Locate the required buttons
First of all, you need to locate the necessary buttons, i.e., the Home button and the Power button.

Well, I assume that you know this very well where these buttons are exactly located even if you don’t know, no need to panic.

The home button is circular in shape. It is located at the bottom of the front panel, just below the screen of your iPhone. It is the one and only button on the front panel.

For the power button, it is located on the right-hand side of your iPhone (assuming that you are using the iPhone 6 or higher version). For version below iPhone 6, the power button is located on the top of your iPhone.

Step #2 – Take the screenshot

Now that you have located the buttons press them simultaneously. You will see a small flash blink on the screen and simultaneously hear a fainted shutter sound (if your device isn’t kept on silent mode). This will ensure that the screenshot has been captured successfully.

For iPhone XR users, no home button is located. So you need to press the Volume Up button and the Power button simultaneously to capture the screenshot.

Capture Screenshot using Assistive Touch

iphone screenshot

Well, at times, the traditional method of capturing screenshots could ditch you. For instance, you pressed the power button a fraction of seconds before the home button or vice versa, so the device will either lock, or Siri will be activated.

In such cases, taking a screenshot using the Assistive Touch could be better.

Before you can capture the screenshot using the Assistive Touch, the feature should be activated for use. Follow the steps mentioned below carefully to activate Assistive Touch on your iPhone:

On your iPad, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch.
On top of the displayed menu, make sure that Assistive Touch is enabled.
In case it is not enabled, enable it and proceed.

Now that you have activated the Assistive Touch feature on your iPhone follow these steps to capture the screenshot using Assistive Touch.

Tap on the Assistive Touch menu on your screen. It will show you a number of faded circular options sitting inside a box.

From these icons, select the option of Device. From this submenu, you can adjust volume, rotate the screen, and capture a screenshot.

To capture the screenshot, tap on “More” and finally tap on “Screenshot.”

You will be notified using a flash blink on the screen along with a fainted sound that the screenshot has been captured successfully.

Edit and Share the Screenshots

how to screenshot on iphone

Once you have successfully captured a screenshot, it gets saved into your Photos app. You can always navigate to that app to view you8r recently captured screenshots on iPhone.
Edit the Screenshots: As soon as you capture screenshots, you get a tiny preview on your screen.

Tap on that preview to enlarge the captured screenshot before it disappears automatically. Once you tap on the screenshot, you will see the options to crop, magnify and outline something in the PNG image.

When you are done with all your editing stuff, tap on “Done.” Now choose whether you want to save the screenshot or get a new one because you messed up with this one.
Share the Screenshots: Well, now that you have captured the screenshots, it’s time to share them.

The number of reasons for sharing a screenshot with your friend or relative might be different, but the procedure is the same. The process of sharing them directly on social media, Facebook, or Twitter is pretty easy.

Here are the simple steps to do so:
Once the screenshot is captured, tap on the image to enlarge it.
Now on the bottom left corner of the screen, tap on the “Share” icon.

Choose the social media via which you want to share the screenshot.
Note: If you choose to share the screenshot via AirDrop, you should be on iOS version 7 or later.

To share it, both the WiFi and Bluetooth services need to be active. Without them, you can share it via AirDrop.

Final Verdict

Well, I think that was enough for you to understand everything about how to take screenshots on iPhone. I’m damn sure that now you can capture, edit, and share screenshots on an iPhone with ease.

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