How to move OneNote 2016 notebooks from Windows PC to OneDrive?

Windows has a lot of amazing features and tools to make your work quicker and easier. One such tool is Microsoft’s OneNote Notebook. It is technically a digital version of the material notebook. For those who love to write about their days or gather info based on various genres, this tool could be amazing. In this post, we will get to know about the Microsoft’s OneNote and how you can move OneNote 2016 notebooks from Windows to OneDrive.

OneNote 2016: Introduction

Microsoft’s OneNote notebook is an astonishing program used especially for making notes and gathering other info over the Internet. The first version of OneNote was released with Microsoft Office 2016 named as OneNote 2016. The notes with this program are stored on your local drives. The latest update of OneNote is currently preinstalled with the Windows 10.

It’s been a while since the OneNote has received an update. It is available for those who like to save their notebook on t local drives. The latest version that comes with Windows 10 is free to use. It automatically syncs all your notebooks to your OneDrive account.

OneNote 2016 for Windows comes with all the editions of Windows 10, Office 365 as well as with Office 2019. Not only this, you have an option for the OneNote app. You can either use the Windows app of OneNote or the OneNote 2016. You can set one of them as your default app for every time you open a notebook. The choice is always yours :”)

In case you are using the original version of OneNote 2016, there is nothing like that you can’t use those notebooks with the newer version. You have the options to upgrade that too. To use these notebooks on your mobile app or anywhere else, you need to sync your OneDrive account.

Well, I would like to mention here that there are a lot of benefits to sync notebooks to your OneDrive account. You will able to read your notes across all your devices. Not only this, you can share your notes with your friends. Now let us have a look at how you can sync your notebooks with the OneDrive account.

Move OneNote 2016 notebooks from PC to OneDrive

Here we have a step-by-step tutorial guide that will help you. Follow all the steps mentioned below carefully in order to avoid any obstacles 😉

  1. Navigate to the Start menu in your Windows 10 pc and search for “OneNote”. Now click on the “OneNote” app from the search results.
  2. Now click on the button named as “Show Notebooks” and then click on “More Notebooks”. You will see a new window on the screen titled “More Notebooks”.
  3. From this window, find the upper-left corner of the OneNote window.
  4. Now click on the drop-down menu of notebooks and select the notebooks that you want to sync with your OneDrive account. And click on “Open Notebooks”.
  5. After you have selected all the notebooks for sync, a new window titled as “Save to OneDrive” will pop-up. From here choose the Microsoft account with which you wish to sync the notebooks. You can either use the free Microsoft account or the one provided at your work, college or school. Move OneNote 2016 notebooks from PC to OneDrive
  6. If you are not signed in with your OneDrive account, you need to sign in before you can proceed. Click on the “Sign In” button and enter your credentials. In the “Add Service” window, type in your email address associated with the OneDrive account and click “Next”.
  7. Now enter your password in the preferred box and click on “Sign in”.
  8. As soon as you are logged in to your OneDrive account, you will have all the privileges. For instance, you can change the name of your notebook, if you wish to do so.
  9. Now click on “Move Notebook” to move the notebooks that you have selected in Step #4.
  10. It will take a while for syncing everything. Once you have successfully uploaded the notebooks, the changes that you will make in legacy will automatically be saved with the Windows 10 app as well.

Final Verdict

OneNote would be an amazing app for syncing your notes with the cloud. You can share them with your friends with one-click. This app proves to be pretty hand for students. If you are a college or school student, you should definitely give it a try.

Well, that’s pretty much it about the syncing of OneDrive account with your local drives. How frequently do you use such tools? Do let us know your thoughts about these notebooks in the comment section. Feel free to drop your queries and suggestions in the comment box below. We will try to respond you as soon as possible. And for more awesome content, keep following [site name]