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Searching for how to fix the taskbar won’t hide in windows 10 then you have landed in the right place so stick to the article you will get the solution. The problem of the taskbar won’t hide is one of the worst problems in windows 10 which you are facing right now like the audio crackling problem in Windows 10. The issue which you face is so much wired to have and it can spoil your time so much because of there is no software in the taskbar if you want to open any then you have to search.

In the article, we are going to share with you how to fix the taskbar won’t hide in windows 10. Solve the problem the given so much easy to follow steps so that you can solve the taskbar won’t hide problem and get back the taskbar in windows 10 pc/laptop. So here is the full detailed solution to solve the problem of the taskbar won’t hide. So let’s just start.

How To Fix Taskbar Won't Hide In Windows 10

What Causes The Taskbar Won’t Hide Issues?

The cause occurs in windows 10 to not auto-hide is when you are using the auto-hide feature in the laptop or pc for the windows taskbar it will be hidden until the application did not need the attention. For daily use, if the app taskbar button starts flashing in the taskbar that will be so much irritating. For example when you get a new call in that the skype app will flash the button in the taskbar. In this case when you simply click on to the flash then the windows will understand that you have seen and then the taskbar will be hidden.

Windows 10 Taskbar Not HidingFor desktop apps that have an icon from the system tray, two individual tasks can cause the taskbar won’t hide Windows 10 issue. The first is if you’ve got a badge on the icon–or a genuine icon switch suggesting the program demands your attention. As an instance, the Slack program displays a tiny red dot onto its routine icon to allow you to know when you have received a new message.

Windows 10 Taskbar Notification PanelThere is the second case most of the time occurs in Windows 8 and the older versions of the windows, when there will be notification balloon pops up. This problem leads to the taskbar won’t hide until when the message is not disabled. These are obviously simple to shut too, or you could customize the notifications not to display. This situation does not occur in Windows 10 since notifications go away by themselves and you may see them in Action Center.

Windows 10 Taskbar Icons

Most of the part this problem can be resolve with the two methods first you can give the app the attention of what it wants and the second you can configure it to stop the asking of the attention. Sometimes, however, a program simply is not written quite perfectly. It is going to activate notification in windows to maintain the taskbar open but will not able to display anything observable that you close.

This taskbar won’t hide issue is much worse when you will be coupled with Window’s ability to hide the system tray icons. To solve this problem you can simply restart your problem application on pc/laptop or even you can also click on the icon so that it can trigger whatever the hidden notification was. But there are so many other ways by which you can also able to solve the taskbar won’t hide problems in windows 10.

How To Fix Windows Taskbar Not Hiding [3 Methods]

Verify Your Taskbar Settings & Restart Explorer

You have to make sure that you are on the same page only and have to do right-click in your taskbar and select the setting option in the context menu or click properties if you are using windows 7 or 8. In windows 10 this option will appear as settings. You have to remember that automatically hide the taskbar mode is enabled on your computer. On the other hand, if you are using a tablet or the tablet mode on your touchscreen monitor so you have to enable automatically hide the taskbar mode too.

Change Taskbar Settings Windows 10

If you are now using the Windows 8, 7, or the Vista then you will see the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties instead of the window, and also you have to make sure Auto-hide the taskbar option is enabled.

Change Taskbar Settings Windows 8-7

Sometimes you are getting the problems with your taskbar auto-hiding you can just simply turn off and turn on sometimes this can also solve your problem. One more another method by which you can solve the problem is when the taskbar refuses to auto-hide and you are not able to find the reason for that at that time you can simply restart Windows Explorer can make the problem solved at least for temporarily and also restarting Explorer is so much very fast then the pc restarting.

If this method will not solve the taskbar won’t hide problems so try another method you will get solved the problem.

Open Up Hidden Icons and Remove Them

In some of the cases, the problem of the taskbar won’t hide problems can become because of the tray icons and this will do indicate when you are looking for the attention but also they are hidden from view. Here is an example for you here the slack app wants the attention but this icon is also hidden from the page of extra apps you can only see the icon when you open the little up arrow which is on the left side of the system tray.

In this case, you have to first open the pop page and look and see theatre any app wants the attention or not. Click or you can right-click them as well and the taskbar should hide again. It is also possible to help alleviate this issue by dragging the icons for apps which sometimes call for attention to the main subject of the system tray where you are able to view them.

Close Hidden Icons Taskbar

Sometimes, you will also have the system tray icon which will retain the taskbar open, and although it does not visually call to your attention. If you do not find a clear notification from among those app then you can simply try right-clicking each and you can see if it fixes your taskbar won’t hide issue. If you locate one which acts this way, you could have the ability to turn off notifications from the app or you can also drag it down into the main system tray area in which it is so much easier to locate.

Customize Notification Settings

By these steps hope you have got the app that is causing the taskbar won’t hide problem for you. Now you have so many options to do first you can let the app give the notification to you and every time bringing up the taskbar or maybe you can also turn off that app notification. This will apply if the app notifies you by flashing an even a normal taskbar button or even a system tray icon. Plus it applies if the telling is a badge on the icon along with the balloon notification. If you can able to manage without the notification from the app then you could have the ability to flip them off. The only key for this is figuring out where to do this.

The app which notifies you by flashing in the taskbar button that may you can’t do anything. When you close the unsaved document then some app will flash their button in the taskbar or in case of installing the app or you update the app at that time also flash up the app. But there is some app like we have mentioned earlier, like skype there you can go the setting and see the option for the turning off the notification of that which will definitely solve your taskbar won’t hide Windows 10 problem.

Customize Notification Panel

For the app which notifies you by displaying the symbol or the badge on the system tray icon then have to need to explore the app’s settings to see where you can able to turn off the notifications or not. Unfortunately, there is not a fundamental place for all those types of configurations or like system service exception stop code error in Windows.

You can usually get into the settings for all those individual background programs by doing the right-clicking on the system tray icon and then choose the setting and then the Preferences. Like you can see in the image also and from there you can disable the notification. There are so many apps that create the balloon or toast notifications this app you can able to turn off the notification the settings of apps.

Final Words

So this is the full article on how to fix taskbar won’t hide in Windows 10 and I hope you have liked the article and you have successfully solved your problem of taskbar won’t hide on your pc/laptop in windows10. The problem of the taskbar won’t hide is so much irritating you have to solve as soon as possible so that you don’t have to lose your work.

If at all you have tried all the solution methods and not solved the Problem in windows 10 then you can go with the service center and solve the problem there. If you are facing any other problem then please do comment we will always there to help to solve the problem related to Windows 10.