How to develop an app for Windows Phone 7 using Appmakr

In this growing world of Smartphone users. It has become an amazing task to develop an app. The Windows Phone 7 has totally made its place in some of the smartphone users. You might think of developing an app. But when the “development” name comes to your mind, You think its all about coding and programming. However, Most of the app developers use the coding language to develop apps. But still, You can manage to create a decent app without coding.

About Appmakr

Without Coding? Yeah. It is possible now. The next question arises in your mind is that might cost your much bucks. But wait, the method which I am going to tell is free of cost. For this, We will be using the service called Appmakr. As the name suggests, The website provides services related to app development. You can proceed even if you don’t have a bit of knowledge about codes and stuff.

There are different websites available on the internet but this one is free and easy to use. The user interface is so much easy, that a 13 years old can also develop an app from Appmakr.

To create your own app, Follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps to Follow

Visit the website through

Log in to your account or register if you don’t have one.

Then Navigate to the top bar and press Create New App

Scroll down until you see the option for Windows phone mashup

Enter the URL of your website for which you are creating this application. Then click on the Create App button.

Now the website will look at the content of your website and will process a raw app for you.

Now the website will redirect you to the App Dashboard. From their, You can customize your app. Let it be changing the app name, icon or the user interface.

Click on the tabs. Then, Select RSS and Atom feeds.

Now to customize your app, Click on Customize button. To change the header image, Click on the same and upload your desired header image. Make whatever changes you need to do for the customization of the app.

Now edit the app details which includes Title, Description, etc.

If you want to make some money through your app, You can display ads in it. To do so, You need to click on the monetize option on the website.

Now, when you have finalized everything, You can publish the app so as to get the app package available offline. To do so, Click on the publish button. Now You will see AQI (App Quality Index) which refers to how much ready to develop your app is. If you have finished all the steps carefully and nothing is missing, the processing will start.

If the website faces any error, it will show it to you. Then check all the steps again carefully. If it still shows you the error, Check again or start a new project and carefully complete all the steps mentioned here.

Now, You will get the app ready to download offline to your pc. It will be in .XAP format which can be used on Windows Phone 7. You can download the app and install it on your device.

After you have done that, For safety, just save the app on the website. It will save your project on the cloud as well so as to download again anytime.

Final Talks

That is it from my side. I hope you liked it, If you have any queries/feedback/suggestions, do let me know through the comment section down below. For more awesome content, follow us on all social media platforms.