How to Clean Install Windows 10 from USB

If you are planning to install Windows 10 from USB, then this is the best solution for you. First of all, arrange a USB which should have at least 8GB of space so as to create a boot file for ISO of Windows 10. You will have to first create a bootable USB. For that, I would recommend you using Rufus. Simply download this software and install it on your computer. Then plug in your USB to the port. Also, Download the ISO file of Microsoft Windows 10 or whichever you want to install. Then on the Rufus, Select the ISO file through browsing and also the USB drive. Then, you have successfully made your USB bootable.

Note: The software will format the USB drive, so make sure you take the backup of the files from USB drive before initiating the process.

Now, when you have the bootable USB drive, you will have to make your pc boot from the USB only not from Hard Drive. To do so, restart your computer and see with which button you can go into boot options. In my case, it was F10. Press the particular button. Then, you need to change the order of Boot, just move the USB upwards (specifically on the first). If your computer uses UEFI/Secure boot, you need to change it to legacy. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below.

Image result for secure boot

Navigate to the boot option as shown in the screenshot. Now by pressing down arrow key, navigate to Secure boot and disable it. Now you need to enable Legacy option. Set the boot list option to Legacy. Now as mentioned earlier, Get the USB option to the top by navigating it through the arrow keys. So, this will boot next time from the USB where you have installed the Windows.

When you have done this, just restart your pc and it will boot from the USB and will show you the installation process.

Install Windows 10 from the USB drive

Windows will ask you for the activation code. Microsoft saves the activation key sometimes in the Computer itself. But when you Clean install any Windows for the first time, it will require the Activation code. If you had logged in to your account earlier with the same Windows, probably the windows will activate automatically once you log in to your account. But you should upgrade to Windows you like to, with a proper activation key so you don’t get in trouble.

Now once you have opened the installation process, you will see a dialog box with the Language options. You can change the language according to your convenience. Also, you can change the Currency format so as to change the input of some keys in your format.

Image result for windows 10 setup language screen

Now the setup initiates, you will see the terms and conditions. If you wish to read them, You can?. Now click on the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions and Continue.

Now, In the next step, you will be asked through which method you would like to install the Windows. The first one being Upgrade to windows and Second one being Custom install. So, if you like to clean install your windows, You will have to select the Custom Install option.

Image result for upgrade custom windows

Now, if you have continued with the Custom install, the installation will ask you which partition you would like to use for the Windows. Make sure whichever drive you select, it should have at least 50 GB of space free. If you would like to dual boot on your computer, select drive other than the drive which has the second windows. Otherwise, just click on the particular drive on which you would like to install the windows. Then, Click on Format. This will delete everything from that partition.

Image result for partition windows setup

Now when you have done formatting the drive on which you would like to install the windows, Click on Next. The system will start installing Windows 10 on that drive. This process will include copying files, Installing features, Updates, and other things as well. The system will restart sometimes, So, Don’t worry about that.

Now If you are dual booting on your computer, you will see the two options which are available, Just select the preferred one. Otherwise, you will simply get into the Windows 10 screen if you are having single OS.

Image result for windows desktop

Now you will see some procedures, this also includes setting up the Wi-Fi, personalizing the theme, Cortana, and other preferred settings. Once you have done all the steps carefully, you will log in to the Windows desktop.

Now, if you have successfully installed Windows 10 on your desktop, then Restart the computer. Then go into boot options again and change back the settings to the earlier one so you don’t get into trouble in the future.

You can simply, Restart again and go back to the desktop now. It is damn easy and fast to install the software on the Windows 10. Also, you should install any antivirus before browsing the internet. However, The Windows Defender is still available and doing its work at the time.

Over to You

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