Guide to Chrome Sync and Solution to problems related to Sync

After an active internet connection, the second important thing required to use the internet is a web browser. You could be using various browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. But if you are using google chrome browser, you could get some extra benefits like syncing your data across the devices that you use.

This data may include your passwords, cookies, browsing history etc. This feature is known as Chrome Sync. To access this feature, you need to sign in to google chrome and turn on sync option. Your bookmarks, browsing history, autofill passwords and even you could catch your half-watched YouTube videos as well.

This could allow you to access your files across all your devices. Your documents left unedited could be brought to another device and editing could be continued from the point you left.

Google Chrome Sync problems

Many times, you may not be able to use this feature. There may be a problem syncing your data or you may not be able to see the changes made on other devices. This may happen when you made changes to synced data.

Causes of such problems

Google encrypts your data using a method known as “Sync Passphrase” to enable Chrome sync when you turn on sync option. After this, when you start syncing, you are supposed to set a passphrase that would encrypt all your data for the sake of security.

Google Chrome sync not working

Nobody could then access your data and also you will be asked to enter a passphrase to sync or access your data to or from clouds. This passphrase is needed on all devices where you want to sync your data.

You may forget your passphrase and hence have to reset it. After resetting the passphrase, you may have to manually sign in on every device in order to allow sync to function. Under this condition, sync break errors can occur.

But you need not worry as such errors can be fixed in various ways.

Method 1: Entering of a correct passphrase

To restart auto-sync function, you may have to renter the new or correct passphrase and to do this, you may open chrome on any of your devices (PC would be recommended). Click on menu i.e. vertical ellipsis on the top right. If you are not able to sync your data, the sync error message would be shown.

Click on that message to allow you to look at the problem. Then under encryptions options, enter a correct or new passphrase and then re-enter google password if you use a google account for the same. Just refresh the settings and you’re done.

How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync

Method 2: Sign-out and sign in your google account to chrome

If the above method didn’t work, you may try this one

Click on vertical ellipsis button to access the menu of chrome and under that menu, click on settings to add or remove your google account.

  1. In the settings tab, click on accounts, choose Google and select the account you’d like to disconnect.
  2. A confirmation would be required to complete the steps. Click on yes to continue ahead. How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync
  3. After your account is disconnected, you may add that account immediately back. Before doing so, you’re advised to restart the browser. How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync
  4. Open settings again, as in step ‘a’ and in settings, under accounts, click on add account. Enter proper email id and password and click on continue.
  5. Hence, you’re signed in to your google account. Now refresh the sync in order to allow the browser to complete the process.

How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync

How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync

Method 3: Use the dashboard to reset the encryption passphrase

Google dashboard can be used to manage all information related to syncing and encryption like the number of files synced, which may not be seen on chrome.

How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync

The dashboard could allow you to fix your sync errors. To continue, you may remove your passphrase and clear your data from Google servers.

This would still ensure the security of your data as you should be logged in to your google account to proceed with such tasks. And your data may still be safe and not deleted.

It is assumed that you have properly logged in to your google account and hence you can access dashboard by link: hhtp://

Scroll down to end to find reset sync option. Click on the reset button and confirm your action. Sign back to chrome to complete your steps. Now restart chrome and smoothly sync your data.

How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync


After you successfully complete any of the three steps and your problem is solved, you can now sync your data across multiple devices wherever you use chrome browser.

If any of the methods don’t work, you may try others or contact us in the comment section. We will try to respond you as soon as possible. And for more related content, keep following {site name} on all our social media platforms.