Google Toolbar 7 Released for the Internet Explorer

Recently, Google has released the toolbar 7 for the Internet Explorer with some interesting things to look on. It has a totally new, fresh and a clean look. This update brings the option for Instant search and a lot of other new features.

Want to enable the Toolbar Instant feature? You can do that easily with some simple steps. Here are those steps:

  1. Run the application of Internet Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the Toolbar options.
  3. Now click on “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing”.

Point to Remember: The latest Toolbar 7 updates works only with the latest updates of Internet Explorer: IE 8 or higher. So in case, you can’t find the option to enable it, update your Internet Explorer and try again.

Image result for google toolbar 7 for internet explorer images

Apart from this, Google has improved the performance of Toolbar 7. Thus, making it one of the fastest add-ons that you can use in Internet Explorer.

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