Free Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tools for Windows 10

For many of us, it is extremely important that we do track out internet usage. Especially if you are paying on the basis of your internet usages. Even if your ISP or Internet Service Provider is offering you limited quota for downloading and uploading, then you should definitely look for your usages. And to track this, you can simply try using bandwidth monitor software.

A bandwidth monitor not just only helps you to track your internet usage. But it also check the speed of connection and capable of detecting suspicious network activity.

Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

1.ISP Monitor

Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

ISP Monitor is one of the top free bandwidth monitoring tools that you can try out. This tool allows you to check your internet speed. So you can easily get to know how much speed you are getting. As well as this tool offers you real time traffic monitoring. The built-in traffic monitor displays all the current network speed via three different graphic modes.

All three modes can be customized to suit your requirements. In addition to that, you ISP monitor will display all the percentage used from your total quota and allows adjusting before it reaches the threshold limit.

2.Cucusoft Net Guard

Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

The next tool that you can try out is the Cucusoft Net Guard. This is a free to use software that you can use to monitor your broadband usages. As well as it will help you to kill malware that wasts you bandwidth. Along with that, it also includes a small real time floating window which gives you real time internet uploading and downloading speed data.

Also, you can hide the floating windows. As well as you can adjust the opacity of it and make it transparent if it bothers you. Plus, you will be able to set a traffic limit each month. Also, it comes with the ‘Forecast’ feature that automatically calculates the projected bandwidth usage for a month. Thus, you can easily determine whether your usage will exceed the limit for that month or not.


Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

Up next, you can check out the tbbMeter. This one is bandwidth meter that helps you to monitor your internet usages. Along with that, it also allows you to see how much your computer is sending and receiving from the internet in real time. Also, you will get to know how your internet usage varies at different times of the day. This tool will help you to manage your usages to avoid incurring excess bandwidth fees. So you can find out if your ISP is slowing down your usages for using too much of bandwidth.


Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

In the end, you can check out the FreeMeter. It is one of the simplest bandwidth monitors that you can check out. Also, this tool is extremely easy to use. And it is a portable diagnosis tool. Its main Windows graphics display the data being transferred from your computer to your computer. As well as you get some of the other simple and useful tools.