The big question here is what is runtime broker? So, Windows Runtime Broker is a small 32 KB system file in the Windows. And this file is located into the system32 runtimebroker.exe folder. Also if you wonder what is what is runtime broker windows 10 then it is same file in windows 10. And there are times when you open the task manager, and you will find that the Runtime Broker running due to runtimebroker.exe error.

And in case if you are wondering how to fix this error, then here are all the steps that you have to follow:

Fix RuntimeBroker.exe error and high CPU, Memory & Disk usage problem

RuntimeBroker.exe in Windows 10

The File RuntimeBroker.exe runs only when you run the Windows store app. So even after starting your Windows computer and do not run any app and you wish to runtimebroker.exe shutdown. Then you should not see this error, because you already know What is runtime broker in task manager. But if you launch any Store/Modern app, will you see the runtime broker running and fix high cpu usage windows 10 and 100 cpu usage windows 10.

This is because running any Windows 8/10 app triggers the RuntimeBroker.exe into action. Even when you close the app, you will find that the RuntimeBroker.exe continues running in the background as dcom runtimebroker and creates problem in service host local system high disk.

What does RuntimeBroker.exe do?

The main job of RuntimeBroker.exe is to monitor access to Windows API. As well as to ensure that apps do not violate the core security of Runtimebroker.exe Windows 10. It checks if the Windows store app is when running is declaring all of its permissions to access your resources in runtime broker.exe. 

Runtime Broker includes informing whether it has permission or not. It handles all the security permission of processes like sensors, camera and all. As a result, it helps you to secure when the Windows store app is not running because runtimebroker.exe not in correct state. 

Is Runtime Broker a virus or malware?

No, RuntimeBroker.exe is not a virus or malware. It exists in the System32 folder. Hence it is a legitimate Microsoft process and should not be runtimebroker.exe virus.

RuntimeBroker.exe taking a lot of memory

Usually, RuntimeBroker.exe takes a bit of memory only. In case if it is consuming more memory than usual to windows runtime broker, then it would be a good idea to start investigating with the third party apps installed on your computer which multiple runtime broker and also a cortana runtime broker can be reason.

Look for those apps which you have recently installed and then encountered with this error. After that, uninstall that software and see if you are still getting the runtime broker issue or not so now disable runtime broker windows 10 and should know how to disable runtime broker windows 10.

You can also press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager and see that how to stop runtime broker windows 10. Then from here, locate Runtime Broker under the Processes tab. If it’s using more than 15% of your memory, you probably have an issue with an app on your PC. In this case, you need to stop the Runtime Broker process. You can read more on Microsoft’s official website.

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