Looking for a Cortana commands list? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. However, before you go ahead, one thing that I would like to mention is that there is no official Cortana commands list.

Cortana, as an AI assistant, understands natural language and you can ask the AI assistant for whatever you are looking ahead. You can ask it to play music, search the web, open different functions on your computer and so on.

But in case if you are not sure how to get started with Cortana commands, then let me just help you with a complete guide. and if you have problem with cortana update your windows.

How to use Cortana with voice commands?

cortana voice commands

Before you go ahead and get start with Cortana commands, it is important to know from where you can activate Cortana and make it take your commands. For this, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1: First of all, click on the Microphone icon from the Start menu. Or you can use the Shift + Windows Key + C keyboard shortcut to open Cortana in listening mode.

Step 2: After that, you can say Hey Cortana feature, which will invoke your assistant. And after that, you can command the assistant for anything you want.

The Mega List Of Cortana Commands

Cortana basic voice commands

Getting the time for any location

· What time is it?

· What time is in (location)?

Getting weather information for any location

· What’s the weather like?

· What’s the weather in (location)?

· When does the sun set?

· Is it hot in (location)?

· How’s the weather looking for tomorrow/next week?

Opening apps and websites

· Open Mail/Photoshop/Or any software name.

· Go to Microsoft.com or any other website name.

Getting news information

· Show me top headlines.

· Show me latest news.

· Show me (topic) news.

· Show me (company name) stock.

· Show me (currency) exchange rate.

· What was the score of the last (sport team’s name) game?

Creating a note

· Create a note.

· Create (name) note.

· Create (name) note: (your note).

· Take a note.

· Draft a note.

· Write a note.

Translating to a different language

· Translate.

· Translate (word) to (language).

· Translate (phrase) to (language).

Doing math

· What’s (percentage) of (money)?

· What’s (number) times (number)?

· What’s the square root of (number)?

· What’s (number) times (number) divided by (number)?

· Convert (number) cups to fluid ounces.

· How many miles in (number) Kilometers?

Cortana search voice commands

Finding documents, photos, videos

· Find photos from yesterday or Find documents from last week or Find videos from (date).

· Find (object) photos.

· Find file (name) or Find document named (document name).

Searching the web

· Search the web for (term)

Finding facts

· How tall is (known person/landmark)?

· Who is (known person)?

· When (known person) was born?

· Who is (company) CEO?

Discovering food places nearby

· Find food places near me.

· Find restaurants near me.

· Find bars near me.

· What’s a good restaurant near me? or What’s a good restaurant in (location)? Ex.: What’s a good restaurant in Manhattan?

· What’s interesting nearby?

· Show me (food) near me.

· Show me (food) in (location).

Cortana health and fitness voice commands

· How was my sleep last night?

· What was my step count yesterday?

· How many calories did I burn today?

Cortana settings voice commands

Opening the Settings app

· Open Settings.

· Open Action Center.

· Controlling settings

· Turn on/off Bluetooth or Disable/Enable Bluetooth.

· Turn on/off Wi-Fi or Disable/Enable Wi-Fi.

· Turn on/off Airplane Mode or Disable/Enable Airplane Mode.

Cortana calendar voice commands

Viewing calendar events

· How’s my schedule looking today?

· Show me my schedule for today/tomorrow/next week or Show me my appointments for today/tomorrow/next week.

· When is my (event name) appointment?

Adding new calendar events

· Add (event) appointment for (time and date) or Add business meeting for (time and date).

Moving calendar events

· Move (event name) to (date and time).

Cortana alarms voice commands

Creating alarms

· Set an alarm for (date and time) or Add an alarm for (date and time).

· Set an alarm for every day at (time).

Viewing alarms

· Show my alarms or Show alarms.

· Removing alarms

· Turn off the alarm for (time) or Cancel alarm for (date) at (time).

Cortana location voice commands

Getting directions

· What’s the traffic like on the way home?

· How do I get home.

· How long would it take to drive to (location)?

· Get me directions to (location/address).

· How do I get from (location) to (location)

· How far away is (location)?

· Show me walking directions to (location/address).

· Show me public transportation directions to (location/address).

· Show me map of (location).

Tracking flights

· Track flight (flight number).

· Is my flight delayed? or Is my flight on time?

Cortana entertainment voice commands

Controlling music

· Play (artist).

· Play (genre) or Put some (genre) music.

· Play music or Shuffle music.

· Play (album name) by (artist).

· Stop music or Pause music or Pause song.

· Play next or Next track or Skip track.

· Identifying what’s playing

· What is this song? or What’s playing?


· What’s (movie name) run time? or How long is (movie name)?

· Who was the director for (movie name)?

· What movies are playing near me?

· What are the showtimes for (movie)?

Cortana technical support voice commands

· How do I install a printer?

· How do I project my screen?

· How do I change my background?

· How do I update Windows?

· How do I make a backup?

· How do I change default apps?

· How do I change Privacy?

· How do I connect a wireless device?

Final Words:

So these are some of the most useful Cortana commands you should be familiar with. Now go ahead and try asking Cortana the same and see how it responds to your query. Also you have to try this best feature of windows, if you have any more questions to ask, then do feel free to comment below.