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The how to put picture on desktop – windows 10 mobile is one of the well know operating system for the Windows Mobile devices. Microsoft is using the OS to run Windows phones and other devices. And in case if you own a Windows phone and wondering How to Change Wallpaper in Windows 10 Mobile, then I am here to help you out.

You can easily customize and pick one of the Windows libraries of pictures with Change Wallpaper in Windows 10, utilize a personal image how to change font color on iphone home screen or a black background without any photo. However, to help you understand in a better way, let me just share all the steps that you have to follow:

How to Change Wallpaper in Windows 10 Mobile

In case if you have just migrated to how to change desktop background windows 8 and you are not aware of how to customize the background screen of your phone, then look into the suggestions and discover.

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is gamin access to the Windows 10 mobile setups from the application food selection and then go to the “Customization”.

Change Wallpaper in Windows 10

Step 2: Start by tapping on the “Beginning” and afterward touch “Search” to use a system photo library. Then choose a photo that you would like to set as a background.

Change Wallpaper in Windows 10

Step 3: In case if you want to utilize a personal image, pick the thing “My Images” as well as touch “Search”. Your phone gallery will open. Then locate the picture that you would like to use.

Change Wallpaper in Windows 10

Step 4: Finally, you will need to how to change background color on iphone the photo structure. Also, you have to touch the first switch at the bottom of the display to save. Also, when you return to the previous screen, you could select the placement of the picture as well as the transparency of the blocks, the more transparent, your photo will be posted.

Change Wallpaper in Windows 10

So that was all for your question that says How to Change Wallpaper in Windows 10 Mobile. Now go ahead and try out the steps and see how it is working for you.