best media player for windows

Since the beginning, Microsoft never offered a great media player with its operating systems. Hence, we always had to download a third party media player for Windows, which can offer us all the necessary features. And the same goes for Windows 10. So in case if you are looking for the best media player for windows 10, then I am here to help you out.

I have handpicked a couple of top best media players for windows 10 for you. So you can easily enjoy media files on your Windows 10 computer.

10 Best media players for windows 10

1. VLC Media Player:

best media player for windows

First of all, I have the VLC Media player. And it is one of the most popular media players available out there.

The best part of this software is that it is completely free to use. As it is an open source media player who is available for almost all the popular platforms out there. The software is developed by the VideoLAN project.

And the media player is popularly known for supporting a huge number of audio and video compression methods and file formats. And it is considered as the best video player out there because of its simple nature.

Moreover, the software also features a bunch of customization options which will help you to improve your viewing experience. Plus, it can change the look for the player. Even, you can use the software to fetch videos from YouTube and other popular websites.

2. KMPlayer:

best media player for windows

For my next pick, I have the KMPlayer. This is another great and free Windows 10 media player that you can try out. This software is also capable of playing almost all kinds of video and audio formats. Also, it comes with an inbuilt codec for Windows 10. So you do not have to look for any other codecs.

Furthermore, you can also add external codecs to expand compatibility. Even the video player can be used for playing 3D, 4K, UHD videos.

Moreover, the video player also gives you the option to mark certain parts as your favorite. You can repeat those parts, remap the keys for remote interface, and so on. You are also getting access to editing subtitles feature.

3. PotPlayer:

best media player for windows

PotPlayer is also the best media player for Windows 10. It comes with loads of features and capabilities which can give competition to any other tool out there. The media player is developed by a South Korean internet company named Kakao.

Also, it offers you a variety of customization options, which allows you to personalize the software according to your choice. Also, it uses different techniques like CUDA, QuickSync, and DXVA. As a result, it can deliver maximum performance and lightweight experience.

Although, in terms of popularity, the tool is not as popular as other names. But it supports more file types. Also, you can choose between sound cards, bookmark your favorite scenes, and preview them. Moreover, it can also play 3D videos, and it supports a wide range of 3D glasses.

Even, it also features lots of keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys, which makes helps you to easily operate the software.

4. ACG Player:

best media player for windows

If you are looking for a simple to use media player for Windows 10, then ACG Player will work for you. This one comes with a clean user interface and all the essential features that you expect from a video editor.

It has features like audio and video effects, music visualize, font subtitle, gesture control, background music and so on. Furthermore, it also supports most media codecs.

Even, the software supports playback from external devices, files and disks. Also, the software has a lightweight version called Ax-Lite, which is faster than the ACF Player. But it does not come with certain features.

5. Gom Media Player:

best media player for windows

Gom Media Player is also one of the most popular media players available out there. This one is completely free to use the media player. And it supports most of the video and audio formats. It can play all the most popular video formats, even the less popular ones too. Some of the supported formats are the AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, MOV, and others.

Furthermore, it comes with basic functionalities along with lots of advanced features too. Like you will be getting features like A-B repeat, Media player capture, speed controls, audio, and video effects, screen capture, and so on. Even, it also gives you a choice to change skins and change the look for Gom Player completely.

Moreover, using GOM”s own library, you can download lots of subtitles and enjoy movies in your preferred language and make your experience better .

6. 5KPlayer

best media player for windows

For my next pick, I have a 5K player. 5K player is also one of the best media players for Windows 10 thqat you can try out. The best part of this media player is that, it can play videos at 4K, 5K, and 8K video formats.

Also, the video player supports Nvidia’s platform GPU accelerated software. So playing back any file will be no problem. Moreover, 5KPlayer also offers you the ability to convert between file types, take snapshots of moving video, and even create radio stations.

7. Real Player

best media player for windows

Real Player is one of the oldest video editing software available out there. The software exists out there since the late 90s. And over the years, the media player software got a lot of features. And now it comes with quite a lot of modern features.

The best part of this software is that it can easily play a wide range of video formats. Also, it is capable of downloading videos from different websites like YouTube and others. Even, the video player allows you to protect your videos with a pin code. So no one except you will be able to see the videos.

8. AllPlayer

best media player for windows

In the end, you can check out AllPlayer. This one might not be as popular as other players on this list. But it is still the best media player for Windows 10 that you can check out. The best part of this software is that it supports subtitles well. As well as it can automatically search and download subtitles for media content it recognizes. Along with that, it also supports common media format slike high resolution files in 4K.

Final Words:

So those were some of the best media players for Windows 10. Now go ahead and check these media players out and see how they are working for you. Also, if you would like to ask anything, then do feel free to comment below, and I will surely help you out with your query.