Looking for some of the best yet free email services? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out. Email address is one of the most important things in our digital lives. And we often need multiple email accounts. But getting all of the email accounts from one email service is not something that gets possible. As we have to enter our personal details.

But on the other hand, you can try out multiple free email services and create as many emails as you would like to. And in this article, I am going to give you a list of some of the best free email services. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

12 Best Free Email Service Providers


There is no doubt that Gmail is one of the best email service providers out there. Gmail is a product from Google, and it allows us to send and receive emails. As well as you can access Gmail from third party tools using IMAP or POP.

best free email service providers

Talking about the features, you can use it to view attachments, snooze messages, and open attachment without opening emails. Also, it allows you to join Hangouts Meet chat or video call with others from your inbox. Also, it blocks phishing emails automatically.


The outlook is also one of the free email services that you can try out. And this is a product from Microsoft. It offers you an exchange server and office 365. As well as it offers you quite a lot of office related tools.

best free email service providers

Getting started with Outlook is also super easy. And it comes with a builtin calendar that allows you to schedule and manage meetings or events. Also, it is super easy to find people.

iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is an email service offered by Apple. You can use this service through the Mail app on your Mac or iOS devices. Also, it offers you some other features like IMAP and so on.

best free email service providers

Yahoo! Mail

You can also check out Yahoo! Mail. This one is offered by American parent company Yahoo!. It offers an easy signup process and gets a free email account with massive storage of 1TB. Also, you will be able to customize your inbox using themes. Plus, you can search email by keyword, date, or contact.

AOL Mail

Next, there is the AOL mail. It is web based free email service. Also, it comes with a simple user interface and mobile application for accessing the inbox without any interruptions. Also, it helps you manage your AOL calendar, and you will be able to customize the list view of emails. As well as there are quite a lot of other features are also available.


GMS stands for Global Mail eXchange. And it is an email service provider that offers a feature of advertising. Users may access GMX Mail via webmail POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. It offers you an attachment size up to 50 MB. Also, it offers you drag and drop functionality. As well as you get some of the other features.

best free email service providers


best free email service providers

Yandex Mail is a smart and secure email service provider that you can use. You can use this service using your Desktop or Smartphone. Also, it allows you to change the theme of your inbox. Along with that, you get some other features like you put a message on a timer. Also, it protects you from spam.


best free email service providers

Up next, there is the Mail. Mail allows you to choose from 200 domains while creating an email address. Also, you will be able to choose a category that suits your profession, personality, location, or lifestyle. This personalization of email addresses will work as the identification of a specific person. Also, it offers you unlimited storage.


best free email service providers

Lycos is also one of the popular web based email service. And it offers you junk mail protection. Along with that, it helps you to set up signatures, and Lycos mail system will automatically reply to all the incoming mails. Also, you will be getting 3GB free storage for mails.


best free email service providers

Next, there is the ProtonMail. This one is an open source secure email service offered by MIT scientists and CERN. Also, this service is protected by Swiss privacy law. It has easy to use secure email service, having an end to end encryption.


best free email service providers

Tutanota is also one of the open source and secure email services that you can try out. You can use encrypted emails on all devices with a mobile apps email client and desktop clients. This one is a free email service without ads.

Zoho Mail

best free email service providers

In the end, I have the Zoho Mail. It is the most secure and adds free email hosting service tailor-made for your company’s communication needs. It is clean and fast and offers protection against fake emails. As well as you get so many other features.

Final Words:

So those were the 12 Best Free Email Service, Providers. So go ahead and check them out and see how it is working for you. Also, for any questions, do feel free to comment below.