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As everything is becoming digital, email clients for Windows these days has become the main domain of communication and heart of the digital hub like keyloggers for Windows. But finding the most effective email app for your desires is essential to have an amazing and comfortable digital communication experience. Irrespective of what your goal is, whether you want to communicate with someone or restore your forgotten passwords, a good email app is necessary to have the task done smoothly.

Poor email apps will just make your life complicated, even if it is an easy task to do. But they are having advanced and upgraded apps assist you in managing the foremost vital aspects of your digital life while not creating any additional difficulty. Functions performed by them include allowing the users to flip their inbox into a stir list. Some are so fantastically customized that they supply the users with bigger management.

Best Email Clients For Windows

So in order to answer all these, we’ve crafted an article on the most effective email clients for Windows. All the software listed will either be free or affordable. Some folks are against the usage of desktop email clients for Windows — the reason being that newly launched web-based apps are embedded with new features and fast techniques. But desktop email software packages give us various reasons to continue to use them, and also many believe that desktop-based apps will never replace web-based apps. The two main choices are Postbox and Microsoft Outlook; however, they are expensive. But why pay so much if you just want to handle one or 2 personal accounts? A free email consumer can possibly serve you perfectly in such situations.

Top Best Email Clients For Windows In 2020

1) Thunderbird


Thunderbird is a free, open-source email clients for Windows developed by the Mozilla Foundation, behind the Firefox web browser. It was first released in 2004 and almost disappeared in 2015 when Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker announced in a nationwide memo that the development of Thunderbird should be separated from Firefox. 

But Thunderbird is still here, with lots of great features and is available in 59 languages. Thunderbird is one of the few email clients for Windows that support both AdWords and themes, making it easy for you to customize.  It is free and open-source and allows you to add unlimited email accounts, extensions. Works on many different operating systems. But it is kind of bloated and sluggish.

2) eM Client

eM Client

Want to merge email, calendar, contacts, and tasks? Then this is the best email clients for Windows for you guys!  It is known as a  powerhouse of an email app for Windows, as apart from combining email, calendar, contacts, and tasks in one place, it also supports bit interfaces. Due to all these extravaganza features, the price might sound a bit high.

But think about the offers it gives as they are seldom found in alternative email clients for Windows, like language translation. For those who deal with clients in multiple languages and are not comfortable with all the languages they speak, they can choose this app. The price offered in the market is $49.95 for Pro, and otherwise, it is free.

3) Front

Front Mail

Team collaboration is a must thing to do in an organization, and this email clients for Windows helps people do that by letting groups manage one inbox collaboratively. With Front, shared inboxes are connected, having receptacle addresses like contact@company.com, then anyone having access to that can answer or assign messages for others. Collaboration can be done on a mass scale by letting people connect social media accounts. The price offered is ranging from $15/month per person, minimum of two individuals.

4) Mail and Calendar by Microsoft

Mail and Calendar By Microsoft

Mail and Calendar by Microsoft could be a Windows desktop app that keeps email easy and simple. Best for elderly people who find it difficult to work with complex email systems. If you want then you can also use disposable email websites with this email client but not all of such sites are supported so you might need to try a couple of services before finding a working one.

Earlier it was known as Outlook Express. This email clients for Windows covers the fundamentals of email while not adding excessive options. Features offered include conversations, notifications, and flags to mark your most vital messages in conjunction with Outlook-style calendar integration. Being touch-enabled, it is best for all  Windows users. Who prefer no distraction by additional options and want something free of cost.

5) Mailbird


It is an email clients for Windows that allows users to do a lot of creativity because it has a contemporary design. Hence it is stated as an amazing app for increasing productivity with integrations. It allows users to personalize your inbox with some premade layouts and sidebar themes. Standard productivity apps, like position, Todoist, Slack, and many others, are allowed to collaborate, making it power-packed with a lot of features like the power to snooze messages for some time and automatic scrolling for speed reading.

But some advanced capabilities are available only for some higher tiers of service. As an example, undo send choice is out there to Mailbird Business subscribers. It is thereby affecting the price, free for restricted version, $12/year for professional, $59 for a period of time professional, and $20/month per person for Business.

6) Postbox


Since its beginning as a byproduct of Mozilla’s, the mailbox has matured into a strong app, wealthy with choices for keeping your mail organized. A tabbed interface helps you to keep multiple messages open quickly and that’s what makes this email clients for Windows a good option to go for.

Tags and folders assist you in reason and type mail. Another stellar capability is the price is just the price of the meal and is $40. However, the mailbox will show a contact data sidebar, the property you perforate the detail regarding the sender. There is a ton to explore during this powerful and handy app.

7) MailSpring


MailSpring features include support for touch and gestures, advanced shortcuts, quick search features, an integrated inbox, themes and layouts, built-in spell check, and dozens of translations. Despite its many features, it performs flawlessly even on slow computers thanks to its C ++ sync engine, which is designed to run as efficiently as possible. Heavy email users should consider paying for Mailspring Pro as it comes with many useful features that are not included in the free version.

For example, Mailspring Pro can automatically receive web information about social media and anonymous contacts and track how your contacts interact with the email you send. Just be aware that Mailspring Pro is relatively expensive compared to other top email clients for Windows, which costs $ 8 per month. It works on all major operating systems and is packed with useful features. However, an integrated inbox in a sleek design and needs an intensive subscription.

8) Windows Mail

Windows Mail App

Windows Mail is the default application that comes pre-installed with Windows, and it’s as simple as it sounds. If you are facing issues like Google Chrome sync not working and your emails are not getting fetched, then you can consider using this app. If you are a Windows user by heart, you will appreciate the natural feel of this email clients for Windows. From the left sidebar, you can access your calendar, tasks, and mailbox. 

Once in your inbox, everything is quite simple. You won’t find repeating options, post scheduling, or even HTML editing. It is possible to draw internal messages: start composing a new message. Other than that, you won’t really find bells and whistles, which is why it is perfect for your inbox.

9) The Bat

The Bat

Bat is meant to protect its users. This application is designed to address a number of security issues, which can potentially affect other email clients. This email clients for Windows requires a key to decrypt all the data it stores. This means that the data can only be accessed through the application, unlike other customers, who store information in a local folder, where it can be retrieved from outside the program. All data managed by the application will be stored and encrypted in the user’s hard drive, giving an extra layer of security to the highly efficient backup system.

10) Claws Mail

Claws Mail

Experienced Windows  Mail users will immediately remember the old days as soon as they see the Claws Mail user interface. This email clients for Windows is a capable app aimed at advanced users who don’t mind setting things up on their own, and it works just fine on older PCs with fewer system requirements. Retro Vibe (and everything in between) is completely free.

Some people have reported issues with this email client and if you are among them, then you can use the Windows Update Troubleshooter to fix this issue. We will keep adding more such email software for Windows in this post, so keep visiting Windows Billy to know about them. Also, if you know about some good applications that we have missed, then let us know about them too.

Final Words

Email is one among those trendy conveniences, which will become overwhelming whether or not you utilize it for private or business reasons. Everybody has an excessive amount of email, and it’s not a straightforward factor to manage on day after day.  The email clients for Windows that comes with Windows 10 is more than enough for most people, but there are hundreds of other email apps. Having the right email app is important.

We’ve created the best group to run on Windows so you can decide which one is best for you. In this article, we have discussed various email clients for Windows available in the market, most of them are free, and some require you to burn a hole in your pocket. I hope this article gave the answers to all the questions that you were searching for regarding client email apps for windows!