7-Zip Review & Download : An Open Source File Archive software for Windows PC

To transfer your too big files, what do you do? It is not always easy to transfer gigabytes of data through a single portable drive. Also, when you wish to store the data in clouds like GDrive or OneDrive, it would consume more space and data.

So, the solution to this problem is compression of your files to shorter sizes to make it kind of portable. This would allow you to reduce the size of files without losing any of the data. You could also encrypt your data if it is sensitive or confidential. The software would save the security key entered while compression which has to be entered while extracting the file to provide the user with the guarantee of the safety of their data.

Most of the software which helps you to do such operations are paid after a particular period of the trial. There is an open source software that has emerged as an alternative to such software. 7- zip is an open source i.e. free to use software to allow the user to compress their files.

7 – Zip

To allow users to get a better experience of the software, it has been recently upgraded to version 15.12. The update has arrived after a very long period of time. This version is updated to latest technologies of compression and is stable as compared to older versions. There could be multiple reasons to upgrade to this new version.

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Reviews of 7 – Zip free archiver

Basically, now it supports NFTS. It now can operate directly with the alternate data streams. While archiving through WIM/TAR, we can now store more data streams and various kinds of security information.

You can now extract or compress files to these formats: WIM, RAR5, UEFI BIOS, ext2, ext3, ext4 images, GPT, VMDK, VDI and QCOW2 single files. This latest release now supports exiting formats in a better way. It can now also handle ISOs of files whose size may be more than 4 gigabytes.

New command lines are introduced to provide flexibility of using the software. These lines include ‘h’ to calculate values of hash and ‘m’ for allowing the user to rename the files in the archive. The long list of improvements and addition of new features means that user can get better speed to open files with .7z extension, big archives and disk folders of huge size.


It is also quite easy to use due to an excellent user interface and build of the software. It is very simple to navigate through the various sections of the software. The main toolbar can allow you to access most of the features right from there to allow the user to do the tasks easily.


It provides a drag-drop option to facilitate the easy operations of the data rather than browsing through the files and thus reducing the complexity of such kinds of tasks. After dragging, all you have to do is click on the compress or extract button and select the location to store the compressed or extracted data.

This would complete your part of the job. There is a favourites section which would store locations of up to 10 folders which you would be storing most of your files in.

The size of this software is very small i.e. in KBs while downloading and about 1-2 MB when installed.

To download, you can visit its homepage and easy access to the downloaded file.

www.7-zip.com is the website to find files according to the architecture of your PC.

Hence, this would be a perfect choice if you were looking for anything small and free and yet up to the standards of the paid applications for compression and extraction of the files.