10 Best Free ePub Readers available for Windows 10

EBooks and EBook reader have definitely changed the way of reading books. Now, you don’t need to carry those bulky books in your bags. You just have to download the digital version of the book. It not only saves you from carrying those bulky books but also saves the environment by not using papers. EBooks are very much popular nowadays among the youngsters. If you are not able to read them on your computer, here are the best eBook readers for your Windows 10 computer.

Best Free ePub Readers for Windows 10



FBReader refers to Favorite Book Reader. It is the simplest yet productive tool available for Windows platforms and other as well. This software reads the ePub format for EBooks along with other formats like fb2, mobi, RTF, HTML, plain text, and a lot of others. You can customize your reading experience within the app like changing the color or enabling other modes of reading. You can also save and edit bookmarks within this application. This app is worth a try. To download the app, Visit fbreader.org



Bookviser is another amazing app. This is also available for Windows phone and PC as well. The app lets you download thousands of EBook available within the app itself. Downloading these books is free as well. Doesn’t it sound great? This app also creates a bookshelf for you. With this bookshelf, you can set books in different order and folders. It makes some amazing experience to read. Also, this app allows you to share some or complete book with your friends on social media platforms.

Also, for your convenience, it has dark and light mode present in the app. If you are reading books at night, you can turn on the dark mode so as to not cause any problem with your eyes. This also has a feature of Text to Speech, which will enable the app to speak to you from the text in the eBook. Also, you can take a backup of the present eBook you are reading. These were all the features of this amazing app. To download, visit bookviser.com



Calibre is one of the best software you can get in terms of an eBook reader. If you are a person who owns some eBook readers like Amazon Kindle, and others, this one is definitely for you. It syncs the eBook from the internet for you. Also, the best part is that it can convert your eBook into different extensions like TXT or PDF and others as well. This also supports plugin, so you can download and use the plugin with this app. You can use other amazing features with this app as well.

I definitely prefer this application as I use the Amazon Kindle, so it gives the similar experience to what I have been used too. Also, it allows me to edit the metadata of the EBook, so, it is much exciting for me to use this app.



Bibliovore is an amazing app available for Windows 10. This app is available on Windows App store. This syncs your books with the Microsoft OneDrive. So, you can open the eBook on other devices as well logged in with the same account in the Microsoft OneDrive. This feature is something different which lets other also read the book by syncing it over the internet.

Also, you can change the font size according to your preference. You can also switch between Dark mode/Light mode to have a better experience in night and day respectively. Also, with this app, you can also save and edit bookmarks for your eBooks.

Icecream EBook Reader


Another amazing eBook reader available for Windows. Icecream EBook Reader has some amazing User Interface. It gives you awesome feel while using this application. This has some amazing features like an inbuilt dictionary, text themes, annotations, bookmarks and much more. This application also has a paid version which will give you some more amazing features. I will prefer downloading the free one as it gives most of the amazing features we need for an EBook reader.



Freda is available for both windows phone and pc. This app supports EBook formats including ePub, TXT, HTML, and FB2. You can also download the eBooks within the app itself from the websites like Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks, etc. This app includes some features like inbuilt dictionary definitions and translation of sentence while you read the book.

Also, you can adjust the theme of the app according to your preference. You can add and edit bookmarks within the app itself for the eBooks you read. It is the free application. You can download this application from Windows Store itself.



As with other applications, OverDrive lets you read eBooks from the formats like ePub and other formats as well. Not only this, OverDrive lets you listen to tons of audiobooks from the internet. Also, you can borrow eBooks from the digital libraries you have subscribed already. Also, this app will return the title automatically without any issue for Late fee/penalty. So if you are subscribed to the digital library or your school/college library is available over the internet as well, this one is the best solution for you.

Books Bazaar Reader


Books Bazaar Reader is a free application available for download from the Microsoft Windows Store. This app gives you access to tons of book available over the internet. Also, with this app, you can customize your reading experience like Dark mode which is very efficient during the night time. Also, you can change the font size within this app. Making annotation, bookmarks, Highlighting sentence is much easier in this application. You can also share the highlighted text with your friends. Also, you can create a reading list for yourself with this app.



The Cover is an application mostly used for reading Comics. But still, you can use this application for reading ePub and other formats for EBooks as well. You can customize the reading experience according to your preference. You can also add and edit the comics/book in the app. You can also arrange your books according to your preference in the virtual bookshelves. Not only this, you can also highlight text, take a snapshot within the app. To download this app, you can simply visit the Windows Store and download this amazing application.

Sumatra PDF


As the name suggests, Sumatra PDF is an app basically meant to read PDF files. But don’t worry, it can also read formats like ePub and others for the EBooks. So It’s an advantage to read PDF files and EBooks from one app itself. This application is fast, basic, fluid and portable as well. You can simply install this application from the website of Sumatra PDF that is sumatrapdfreader.org

Final Words

That is it from my side. I tried to cover all possible EBook readers available on the internet. If I missed anything, let me know through the comments. Some of these are available for the Windows phone as well. So, please check on your Windows Store for the phone as well if you can get the EBook reader for your phone as well.

If you own an Amazon Kindle, you would have experienced some amazing User Experience with the app. I can recommend you Calibre in the case you are an Amazon Kindle owner. Because It is the only app which allows you to edit the metadata and also have some amazing features like amazon kindle’s app.

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